The Great Escape :: FIAT & Vanity Fair

by wendy


As a lover of the concrete jungle, I do find myself at times needing to get away.  To escape the noise and find moments of peaceful solitude.  A place where I can collect my thoughts, appreciate the beauty around me, and feel as though time is my friend.


There’s a quiet refuge an hour or so north-east of downtown Los Angeles where the roads are clear and distant snow-capped mountains can be seen.  Escaping the digital noise and embracing the tender bites of cold crisp air, I drove to Angeles National Forest.



With the FIAT 500X as my companion (I really love the sleek Italian style design!) and his pocket watch as a reminder that time is on my side, I drove with the sound of nature as background music and took in moments of quiet reflection.






Thank you so much for being on this journey with me!  I truly hope you enjoyed this photo story and special thanks to FIAT and Vanity Fair for partnering on this post!

Art Direction :: Wendy Nguyen
Photography :: Esther Lee
Location :: Angeles National Forest