Venice :: Pleated maxi dress & Knee-high sandals

Happy Wednesday everyone and greetings from Venice!

Venice was our last stop before leaving Europe.  It’s still as magical as I remembered it.  And this time, a gondola ride!  As much as I love fashion, I’m also very into . . .

Romeo and Juliet in Florence :: Striped suit & Textured dress

Hi everyone and greetings from Florence!  Our adventure continues and we’re currently in Florence right now.  We left Paris with only a few hours of sleep and went straight to Luisa via Roma after we landed in Florence.  Running on pure . . .

Paris Love :: Flared hem & Red lace-up flats

Happy Friday everyone!

It’s a little odd since I’m from LA, but sunset here in Paris is around 10 pm.  The sky reminds bright and blue till pass 10 pm on most days.  Summer nights are extended and the beauty of long nights is that we find . . .

Paris :: Maxi lace dress & Casual braids

Happy Wednesday everyone!

An afternoon stroll through the gardens leading to an enchanted evening at the Louvre, I just can’t get enough of Paris!  I packed my maxi dress with me and it was the perfect summer piece.  Light and ethereal, I . . .

Pigalle Layering :: Tiered pinstripes & Lace crop top

A quick hello from Pigalle!  I just landed not too long ago and can’t wait to get settled in.  So excited to show you more photo stories from Paris!

Hope you had a great weekend and thank you so much for reading!