LA Winter :: Oversized ruffles & Nude sandals

Happy Holidays everyone!

Playing with shapes and structures today by mixing oversized ruffles with sharp folded pleats.  A black and white look with a pop of holiday red :)

Wishing you a happy holiday with your loved ones!  Hope the . . .

Feeling the Blues :: Lace dress & Popsicle faux fur

Happy Monday everyone!

I wore this outfit to a holiday dinner party a few days ago.  With an all-black ensemble, I wanted to sprinkle hints of color throughout.  At first, I was thinking about adding red details.  Maybe red pumps and lips. . . .

Rosy :: Pink vest & Tweed lace-up

Happy Friday everyone!  A quick hello and wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead!

A casual outfit today with rose and gray.  Adding a little bit of textures and patterns, I mixed stripes and tweed to the look while keeping the gray color . . .

Leo Plaid :: Blanket scarf & Valentino leopard

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Playing with a colorful holiday look today.  Using red as an anchor, I paired one of my favorite print combinations – plaid with leo.

Thank you so much for reading!

Sweet Edge :: Casual holiday & Textured look

Happy Monday everyone!  For today’s post, I’d like to share with you two contrasting looks styled around one dress.  With December being the month of holiday parties and get-togethers, I love experimenting with different pieces to create outfits . . .