Gladiator Continues :: One shoulder dress & Tan sandals

Happy Monday everyone!

A lighter take on the gladiator style this time (in contrast to a darker style here).  To embrace the spring feel, I paired this dress (worn as a top) with mini yellow and tan sandals.

Hope you had a . . .

Casual :: Navy blazer & Comfy sneakers

Hi everyone!  Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend so far!

Wait… what are these things and why are they so comfortable?! ;)  Giving my feet a rest this weekend with sneakers.

Thank you so much for reading!

Feminine Military :: Army-green cargo pants & Feather details

Happy Friday everyone!

Embracing the military trend, I love playing with these cargo pants.  To keep with the army-green color palette, I paired the pants with shades of olive by carrying that color theme to the shirt and bag.  One . . .

San Francisco Layers :: Sweatshirt dress & Celine knot bag

Happy Wednesday everyone!  Hi and bye from San Francisco!  A quick trip up to the Bay Area and now I’m back home.  The weather was mellow and warm, which was perfect for a pleated sweatshirt dress.

Thank you so much for . . .

Bundled :: Oversized sweater & Tall boots

Happy Monday everyone!  Believe it or not, but it was actually chilly in Los Angeles last week.  Spoiled by the constant sunshine, us LA-ians consider ‘chilly’ weather anything below 65 degrees.  With that said, I love it! :)  It just gives . . .