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Short Film :: Fashion ¦ Courage

Fashion December 17

9 years ago

With Wendy

Hi everyone!  I hope you’re having a wonderful day so far!  These are some still images from a short film we recently did =)

One of the best parts about being on YouTube and making videos is having the opportunity to be creative.  Mystery Man and I really want to push ourselves, so we’re making vignettes about my perspective on fashion.  This piece is one in a series of short films that we’re doing.  We had so much fun making it!  The cinemagraph that we created was in preparation for this piece.  For the cinemagraph, I basically fell sideways from my trunk onto the bed.  After many attempts and occasional mid-air shrieks, I finally relaxed and gave into gravity.  We wanted to push the idea of falling further and incorporating that concept into a short film.

To me, fashion is really about having the courage to let go and giving ourselves the permission to be creative.  The falling element of this film needed to be vertical, so we moved our bed mattress out to the living room for me to land on.  After countless attempts where I jumped off a ladder, I couldn’t get my body high enough to film the actual fall.  I would be lying if I told you I wasn’t scared.  I was afraid of the ladder accidentally collapsing or landing anywhere but the mattress.  In order for me to land straight down, we needed help.  We called a close friend of ours (thank you Shahaub!) and he came over to help Mystery Man throw me in the air.  The feeling of falling was amazing!  Strangely, it was incredibly relaxing.  After a couple of toss, we previewed the footage to make sure I was high enough and also for me to see so I can adjust my body movements.  In the editing room the next day, we reviewed some of the footage and unanimously thought… this is going to work!  We finished the project a few days later.  Mystery Man and I hope you like the piece and thank you so much for watching!

:: Outfit ::

First outfit :: Michael Kors faux fur vest (old), Theory sweater, JBrand coated denim
Second outfit :: Bebe dress (old), Stella & Dot cuff
Third outfit :: H&M jacket, Factory people sweater, Splendid tee, SOLD shorts, JCrew tights

Thank you so much for reading!
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