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Homecoming :: Classic silhouette & CASA

Fashion November 10

11 years ago

With Wendy

Hi everyone!  How’s your weekend going so far?

I wore this dress to the DVF & CASA event last Thursday.  Not only does it have a sleek silhouette, it also carries sentimental value.  Surrounded by so many beautiful pieces, my mentee picked out this particular one for me to try on.  And it was love at first wear.  Hanging on the rack, we didn’t really think too much of it, but once worn, it transformed the perception.  It has a quiet sophistication mixed with a dash of understated glamour.

Last Thursday was very special and I was so happy that my mentee was there.  Being at the event reminded me that life does come around in full circle.  While my experience with foster care marked a point that already passed, my mentee is currently going through it.  Both of our experiences represent the past and present of the foster care journey.  My social worker once told me… 30% get pregnant, 30% incarcerated, 30% become homeless, 10% will graduate high school, and of the 10%, only a handful will go to college.  Who do you want to be?  Those numbers represent foster youths after emancipation.  It scared me to death when she told me that.  From that moment, I promised myself that I wanted to be in that 10%.  Every day I count my blessings.  Talking and being around CASA representatives, I felt as though I was unlocking a past that I try so desperately at times to stow away.  Being in their presence bought back bittersweet memories, but it ignited a fire from within for both my mentee and I.  We want to be more involved and are currently talking to CASA to continue this conversation.

My mentee and I with Gene Howard, the executive director of CASA Orange County.  Court Appointed Special Advocates of Orange County provides services and support to nearly half of the 2,500 – 3,000 abused and neglected children in Orange County’s foster care system.  With a personal one-on-one relationship, an advocate is in the unique position to champion a foster youth in the court system.

One of the joys of being so short (I’m 5 feet tall) is that they give you a box to stand on when speaking =)

I said a few words about the importance of community organizations and it’s positive impact on foster care youths.

My little brother.  We’re named after the family in Peter Pan – Wendy and John =)  There’s nothing more important to me than seeing him happy and healthy.  I was elated when he came to show his support.

To everyone who attended the event, thank you so much for your time, support, and compassionate hearts.

To DVF & CASA, thank you for giving a voice to the voiceless.

To everyone, thank you for your listening ear and kindness.  I deeply appreciate you giving me a platform to talk about all of the things that I love – fashion and juvenile justice.  I try my best to keep this blog light and fashion focused, and I greatly appreciate all of the opportunities that you have given me to discuss foster care issues.  Truly, thank you.

I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend and talk to you soon!

:: Outfit ::

Dress :: thanks to DVF (and here)
Shoes :: thanks to DVF
Bag :: thanks to DVF
Accessories :: Estelle Dévé bracelet, cuff thanks to Schmuck-Atelier,
rings thanks to Tacori

Thank you so much for reading!
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