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Windowpanes :: Silk trousers & Film project

Fashion March 20

10 years ago

With Wendy

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Silk trousers and camis are my go-to pieces to combat the Southern California heat.  They are so comfortable that when MM and I were burning the midnight oil, I accidentally fell asleep in them.  They’re the best of both worlds… comfort of sleepwear and topped with a crisp blazer and pumps for daywear.

Last night, we released our latest film project!  MM and I came up with this concept two years ago.  But with limited resources, we decided to put it in our vault for a later time.  We met with Shoes of Prey in autumn of last year, pitched this idea to them, and were ecstatic that they loved it.  We started planning for this concept back in December of last year, went into full production last month, and started filming in Los Angeles and San Francisco earlier this month.

One of the reasons why we were so attracted to this brand is because of their personalization philosophy.  I love customizing my clothes and am so blessed to have a tailor that is super talented.  I really wanted to extend this freedom to shoes.  I’ve long admired the Celine white wedges from afar, and with this project, I took a stab at designing a pair that were inspired by them.  It’s definitely thrilling to see an image on my computer screen come to life!

Filming this project was such a great learning experience and pushed us to think outside the box.  We wanted to film the story with a GoPro Hero 3 in order to capture the essence of a girl who is adventurous and fearless.  Usually we have a great amount of depth when filming as we try our best to capture beautiful backgrounds and locations.  But for this project, our “background” was literally the ground.  To make the backdrop of our story more interesting, we had to lift my feet off of the ground so we can add more depth and perspective.  From tightroping to trapeze flying to parasailing, we had so much fun!  And I absolutely love trapeze flying!  If you get a chance to do it, I highly recommend it.  It is such an incredibly therapeutic experience!

Our sincere apologies in advance if you experience dizziness!  If you get motion sickness easily, please consider focusing on one area of the screen.  Even with stabilization, that’s one of the potential drawbacks of filming with a GoPro Hero 3.  We wanted to use this particular camera because it’s light, portable, and waterproof in order to capture most of the stunts that we did.  We’re actually working on a behind-the-scenes video right now to share our process.  Behind-the-scenes video below =)  All of the stunts are real except for one, which we had to green screen.

Special thanks to Shoes of PreyHollywood Aerial Arts, Hollywood Animals, Marina Del Rey Parasailing, Brian Joe, Andrew Oh, Shahaub Roudbari, Ray Pajar, Jennifer Hook, and Lesley.  It really does take a village to make a short film, and we’re so grateful for your support!

As always, thank you so much for reading and watching!

:: Outfit ::

Top :: A.L.C. blazer (similar here), J.Crew blouse
Bottom :: Tibi (similar here)
Shoes :: Saint Laurent (similar here)
Bag :: Balenciaga ’04 ‘Eggplant’
Accessories :: watch thanks to Michele, David Yurman bracelets

Thank you so much for reading!
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