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The Kelly Adventure :: Double ruffle & Hermes Kelly

Fashion November 11

7 years ago

With Wendy

Happy Monday everyone!

A double layered look with a ruffled sweatshirt and trumpet skirt mixed with silver details today.

The Hermes Kelly has been on my wish list for many years now.  Before blogging and while I was working at the bank, I started saving up for this bag.  It all stemmed from a dinner conversation I had with a girlfriend post-college, and during dinner, I kept on admiring her very well-loved Louis Vuitton Speedy 25.  She told me it was her mother’s and the bag was actually older than she is.  That moment really stuck with me.  She held it with joy and was so proud that it was a gift from her mother.  To be honest with you, it was that exact moment that led me to take extremely good care of all of my accessories today.  I secretly hoped that one day I will have the honor of passing down a classic heirloom piece to my daughter or granddaughter (or my daughter passing it down to her daughter).  After that dinner, I decided to shoot for the moon and aim for one of the most timeless beauties… the Hermes Kelly.

Since it’s pretty difficult to obtain a Kelly directly from the Hermes store, my hunt for it years later brought me to a vintage luxury boutique.  MM and I dropped by the LXR & Co. boutique in Beverly Hills (they also have a Birkin Bar in Soho, NYC) and spent a good amount of time there with Joe, the store manager.  He showed us a few Kelly’s but I was very specific on which one I wanted.  I shared the specific leather, size, hardware, and color of my dream bag with him.  He was extremely helpful, made us feel comfortable, and took down notes.  Joe contacted me a month later and informed me that they received a Kelly that matched my requirements.  And the rest is blogging history =)

Until this becomes a family heirloom piece, I plan to take care of it well and wear it often.  I love the versatility of the Kelly.  It’s beautiful dressed up and equally beautiful worn casually.

*Oops!  I got so excited that I forgot to add the details of this bag.  Thank you so much for your lovely comments and emails!  For those who asked, this bag is a 28 cm, sellier, box calf leather with silver palladium hardware from 2002.  She’s over 10 years old!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend and thank you so much for reading!

:: Outfit ::

Top :: Clu
Bottom :: ASOS (similar here & here)
Bag :: Hermes via LXR & Co.
Shoes :: Saint Laurent (old) (similar here)
Accessories :: Wendy’s Lookbook X Tacori bracelet, Tacori ring,
Dannijo necklace, Deborah Lippmann ’Single ladies’ polish

Thank you so much for reading!
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