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Fashion August 13

10 years ago

With Wendy

Happy Wednesday everyone and welcome to Wendy’s Lookbook!  I mentioned a few weeks ago that we have office space and here it is!  Please come in, relax, and enjoy the view =)

The office has large windows with clear views of the downtown buildings and architecture.  I love exposed brick walls.  This industrial vibe really energizes me.  It encourages me to be creative and bold, and transports me to the sweet memories of home in San Francisco or the dreams of visiting London more often.  It’s truly a creative space.

I wanted to complement the industrial feel with sleek metal details using the high chairs and robust wood accents from the iron table.  Mood cards hung on birdcage boards and lots of sketches on the table, this area is my designated design space.

In addition to mixing metal and wood accents, I also wanted to play with lush textures to add a touch of elegance.  This linen armchair is beyond beautiful!  A statement piece on its own and a perfect place to sit and have a quiet moment.

If I can save three things in a fire, this poem is the first thing I’ll reach for.  It’s very special to me.  My close friend from the group home gave it to me as a graduation gift.  It’s a poem that she wrote telling the story of how we met and how our friendship evolved into sisterhood.  It says:

Wendy’s Song

I met her in her pink nightgown
with her arms around her bunny
She was so helpless in a way
and her eyes appeared so lonely
And, I made a friend that day
And, a friend for life
I learned what she had left behind
For her freedom what she sacrificed
She was a devoted dreamer
her wishes and hopes included as she prayed
I never met such an inspiration
as I had met her that day
She and I struggled
And, hugged as we cried
We vowed to make a difference
in each of our lives
And, a year later
my friend stands tall
She is the conqueror
to her objectives great and small
I am proud of her achievements
and she is a role model to me
She is my sister, Wendy
and she will always be.

This gift from my dear friend is truly what grounds me.  It reminds me of where I came from.  If you asked me when I was younger where I’d be in August of 2014, I honestly would have never thought I’d be writing a blog post introducing you to the Wendy’s Lookbook office.  Never.  Thank YOU for all of your support and encouragement.  Truly, thank you.  Thank you so much for reading and welcome to the Wendy’s Lookbook office!

:: Outfit ::

Top :: Marissa Webb vest, Marissa Webb blouse
Bottom :: Line & Dot
Shoes :: Christian Louboutin
Accessories :: Cartier watch, Wendy’s Lookbook X Tacori Promise Bracelet

:: Photography ::

David Kim

Special thanks to Lulu & Georgia (20% off with code ‘wendy20’) for partnering on this blog post!

Thank you so much for reading!
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