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Behind the Lens :: Marissa Webb x Wendy's Lookbook

Fashion February 15

7 years ago

With Wendy

Happy Wednesday everyone!  Today’s post is a very special one… it’s a peak behind the lens, behind the collection, and into the mind of Marissa Webb and her Fall 1027 Collection.

Marissa Webb leather jacket | Club Monaco vest | Marissa Webb dress | Stuart Weitzman boots

:: Behind the Lens | Behind the Collection ::

In late December I got a text from Marissa.  Later today or tomorrow, chat about fashion week?  I didn’t realized that text message was the beginning of a great adventure.  It was an opportunity of a lifetime to go behind the lens and to work closely with Marissa.  We got together and she asked me what I’m passionate about.  I love styling.  The freedom of pairing textures, colors, and silhouettes together gets me very excited.  But what I also love in addition to styling is art directing.  The freedom of visualizing and creating a setting in which to tell a fashion story.

For her Fall 2017 Collection, Marissa wanted to highlight and embrace the beauty in the undone, so we created visuals that embody the essence of an artist’s loft… minimalistic yet purposely disheveled, raw yet alive.  Playing with textures and natural elements, the wood pallets and rolls of canvas, the artist’s loft comes to life as the setting to showcase beautiful high-waisted leather pieces, jackets embellished with faux fur, and airy silk dresses.

Marissa Webb lace top | Marissa Webb pants

The mood of the collection embodies a strong sense of freedom and an attraction to perfect imperfections.  Not every cuff is buttoned, not every hair piece stays in place, not every layering piece is perfectly aligned… it is the beauty in this essence of being undone that creates a perfect balanced look.  The setting also matches this mood.  The artist’s loft has pallets piled against the wall and seated on the floor.  The canvas drapes against the pallets as though it was meant for a larger purpose.

:: My Favorite Looks ::

From embellished faux fur anoraks (how many heart eye emojis can I put next to the jacket below?!) to draped wool jackets to high-waisted leather pants to marigold tiered silk gowns, this collection has elements of toughness paired with sweetness, a signature of Marissa Webb.

I learned so much from this experience.  I learned that creating a collection takes a tremendous amount of time and passion, that every detail needs to be considered, and that there is a strong personal connection between a designer and her/his collection.  I’m just in awe and inspired by the sheer passion of Marissa and her team.  It keeps me going and it inspires me to keep on pushing.  I truly hope you enjoy this blog post and video.  Thank you so much for reading and watching!

Thank you so much for reading!
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