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Spring Cleaning :: Ruffles & Life with Cats

Fashion April 27

8 months ago

With Wendy

Happy Friday everyone!  Spring love with tiers of ruffles and fun textures.  This dress is absolutely adorable!  It pairs well with sky high platform heels and equally charming with causal sneakers.  For warm spring/summer days, it’s lovely worn on its own.  For autumn and cool nights, it’s great layered over a thin soft turtleneck.

Back home, spring love equals lots of love.  And can I be honest with you?  This is my favorite type of shoots!  Being with the kitties!

Playtime with the kitties.  Their and my favorite time of the day.

The kitties love it when we work and shoot at home.  Every time we head out to do our street style shoots, Sammie literally sits by the door and waits for us to get home.  But when we’re home, shooting, rearranging the furniture, being active, the whole apartment comes to life!  They get super adventurous, affectionate, and just outright adorable.  And their cuteness doesn’t stop there.  They are master furniture sculptors, skilled nappers, and seasoned fur distributors.  We have three cats, so they shed A LOT.

I get these two questions quite often… 1) Do they destroy your furniture?  2) How do you clean up after them?  Addressing #1, yes they do (as seen from the arm chair above) and I’ll get into that in another post.  Addressing #2, we clean and vacuum a lot.  I mean, A LOT.  Every morning when we get up, the first thing we do is vacuum.  Before brushing our teeth, washing our face, getting coffee, before all of that… it’s vacuuming.  During the day they nap, but at night they party.  They run around, wrestle, do parkour, etc, so all we see in the morning is fur.

I bought our Dyson V6 Animal Cordless Vacuum over two years ago when I moved to NYC, and it’s a life saver.  We use it everyday (up to three times a day) for the last two years with absolutely no problems.  It’s cordless which is such an convenience, light and powerful which makes vacuuming super fast, and slim so it doesn’t take much room to store it.  It just really takes the stress and length of cleaning and vacuuming away.  It picks up animal hair like no other!  On our hardwood floors, rugs, kitchen tiles, linen furniture, basically every corner of our apartment, this vacuum has touched.

We’re thinking of upgrading to the Dyson SV10 V8 Animal Cordless Vacuum mainly because of the HEPA filtration (which captures allergens and expels cleaner air) and up to 40 minutes of suction time (compared to our current V6 which is up to 20 minutes).  It’s currently 34% off on eBay.  And since eBay is the exclusive outlet for lots of great brands (the Dyson store is on there!), I always check on there for the best prices and selections.  Honestly though, this vacuum and our litter robot (will do a full cat post another time!), we can’t live without!

They’re seriously the best.  I’m just so happy that we found forever homes in each other!  Happy spring cleaning and thank you so much for reading!  And special thanks to eBay for partnering on this post!

:: Outfit ::

Dress :: JOUR/NE
Shoes :: Jessica Simpson
Bag :: Nannacy (also adore this straw bag!)
Life :: Dyson SV10 V8 Animal Cordless Vacuum (I highly recommend it and it’s great for car/office/apartment/house cleaning, and perfect for wedding, housewarming, and new animal and human parents gifts =)


Thank you so much for reading!

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