Celebrating Mystery Man’s Birthday ;)

by wendy

The person who I keep on talking to while filming the YouTube episodes is my boyfriend =)  But since we never hear his voice or see his face on the videos, lets for fun, call him Mystery Man.  It just sounds cooler than boyfriend ;)  Mystery Man and I have been dating for over 4 years =D

And today is one of my favorite day of the year – Mystery Man’s birthday! =D

We started out with breakfast at La Note, a cute little place in Berkeley.  They had an amazing selection of French toast and sandwiches.

Mystery Man's Birthday (3)

Mystery Man's Birthday (6)

My Fendi bag got so excited that she wanted to be in the picture!  =D

Mystery Man's Birthday (8)

I wore a faux fur vest, a wool sweater, and skinny jeans to celebrate this occasion =)

Mystery Man's Birthday (2)

After breakfast, we headed over to Sprinkles, a cupcake place.

Mystery Man's Birthday (9)

After cupcakes, there was more food =P  We made our way to dinner at Baume.   And the food was extraordinary!  We tried the famous molecular gastronomy dish – the 62° Egg.  And it was delicious!!!

Mystery Man's Birthday (4)

The food presentation was fantastic – art on a plate!

Mystery Man's Birthday (5)

And my most favorite meal – dessert!  So yummy!

Mystery Man's Birthday (7)

At the end of the day, Mystery Man and I had a lot of fun!   And I’m always so thankful of the day that he stepped into this world =)

Mystery Man's Birthday (1)

:: Outfit ::

Coat :: Michael Kors faux fur vest
Top :: Theory wool sweater
Bottom :: Current/Elliot skinny jeans
Bag :: Fendi