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Fashion April 10

Casual Tulle, Perfect for Daytime

I always have a soft spot for tulle.  Beautiful for nighttime and dressy occasions, it's also so pretty for daytime. 

Fashion April 8

Sweet & Sharp, Two Outfits for Spring

Dash of sweetness, pinch of edginess - two outfits today, perfect for spring and almost spring weather. The vibrant red color, the mini buttons, the…

Fashion April 3

A Dress That Gets You Excited for Spring

Spring is so close, we can almost feel it!  A little taste of spring with ruffles and a fun nail art design. The romance of…

Fashion April 1

Lady in Red, Spring Edition

Lady in red, spring edition!  A spring dress that's perfect for day dates, date nights, and every moment in between! From the square ruffled neckline…

Fashion March 27

A Hint of Spring with Ruffles and Blues

Embracing spring with a shorter look.  Both hair and outfit! It was warm enough to wear shorts and skirts the other day, so I didn't…

Fashion March 18

A Must-See in San Francisco

A swing that overlooks the city to jaw dropping structures, sharing my two must-see places in San Francisco!

Fashion March 13

Holidays Again, Shades of Red for Winter

Feeling the holidays again, a red outfit to lift up your spirit! On days when I anxiously wait for the weather to warm up or…

Fashion March 11

Color Me Happy

Colors on colors on colors!  A blend of blues and yellows to welcome spring! Now, can we have some warm weather please *praying hands emoji*. …

Fashion March 8

Cape Woman | Sharing Tips on an Affordable & Fast Way to Create Luxe Outfits!

One detail that I truly think makes a great impact is the humble button. A button that has a good weight to it and has intricate details can completely elevate a jacket or coat.

Fashion March 4

Velvet Winter Days

Velvet for winter, a pop of lush orange mixed with browns. I've been sick for the last few days, and when I finally got myself…

Fashion February 25

Hope To See You in Person!

Hope to see you in person this Wednesday in NYC! Please join me for a conversation about the fashion/blogging industry, brand building, survivor healing and resources, honestly everything and anything!

Fashion February 22

Tiny Big Bird, Snow Day in Canary Yellow

Adding color to winter outfits, and nothing makes snow day more fun than a striking canary yellow Big Bird inspired outfit!

Fashion February 20

Life After Seeing My Parents Again

I'm sharing this because when people think about trauma survivors, they usually think about the mental and emotional pain, but not the physical manifestation of the trauma.

Fashion February 18

A Floral Beginning, Floral Prints for Winter

A mix of softness with toughness, a hint of spring with the reminder of crisp winter, florals with high-waisted leather pants!

Fashion February 15

Easy Chic Dressing, Monochromatic Blue

When I don't know what to wear, I immediately go to monochromatic dressing.  It's easy to style, so much fun to put together, and striking…

Fashion February 13

The Power Suit, a Must-Have in Your Wardrobe

Always a favorite, the power suit!  Time and time again, it proves to be a mood enhancer, confident booster, and strength provider. I'm always on…



Making a Difference In Any Way I Can

For the past 10 years, I’ve been a juvenile justice advocate, and within the last 5 years established the Wendy’s Lookbook Foundation providing emergency housing, medical, educational, and financial support to young adults impacted by the juvenile justice system.