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Fashion February 24

Spring Colors, Winter Feel

That pop of yellow invites sunshine and spring awakening. One of my favorite pairings with yellow is red. The colors of sunset, this combination is striking, warm, and joyful.

Fashion January 28

Pink Smoke

Watch out Batman! There's a new masked crusader in town! Fighting crime and rescuing kitties in a winter outfit of pink and brown.

Fashion January 19

A Casual Winter Look in Lavender and Chestnut

This color story is quite unexpected, strikes a beautiful balance of softness with rich earth tones, and a gentle color story to combat the winter blues.

Fashion January 15

Winter Color Wheel - 6 Outfits in Every Color

From red, orange, yellow, green, blue to purple, we're embracing strong colors today.  Highlighting a color wheel full of winter outfits and looks.

Fashion January 11

Winter in Mint and Lavender

Spring colors to uplift winter moods. It's cold and dark too early now, but this mint and lavender pairing makes the days brighter.

Fashion December 20

My Twist on a Classic Sweater Dress

Something so simple yet so chic!  The classic sweater dress with a side slit.  Layered for winter and also can be a great addition all year round.

Fashion December 16

Classics for This Season & Beautiful Pieces for Home

For this holiday season, the gift of classics that can extend for a few years is truly a gift that keeps on giving.  Whether it…

Fashion December 9

Happy Colors for the Holidays

A little untraditional color pairing for the holidays. A twist on green with red, sans red, filled with shades of blue instead.

Fashion December 6

Mixing Prints - Houndstooth for Winter

Back to one of my favorite ways to add more interest to winter looks - mixing prints! I find that mixing prints is a great way to strike a delicate balance of warmth & style. 

Fashion November 23

Plants Home Tour - Designing Your Space with Plants

Designing a Modern Green Space. A how-to on designing your space with greenery and plants. Ideas on creating an immersive experience and more.

Fashion November 16

Relaxed Autumn Styling in Central Park

Relaxed fall fashion in Central Park. An oversized sweater with boots - a chic pairing that celebrates autumn. And embracing the micro bag trend!

Fashion October 28

Autumn Looks in Shades of Chestnut and Rose

Sharing 2 outfits today - a color story of beige in Central Park and shades of rose-red in Times Square. Both are easy, chic, fall looks!

Beauty September 28

New Look! Autumn Beauty Story

2020: Wendy? Me: Who? Playing with new looks and autumn colors today!  A palette of amber, chestnut, and golden hues.

Fashion September 25

Return of the Statement Blazer

My love for blazers is never-ending.  I wear them with shorts, belted as dresses, layered underneath coats, and so much more.  They make me feel…

Fashion September 21

Almost Autumn in Downtown

Welcoming sweater weather in chestnut and brown tones! Sharing my thoughts on New York and new beginnings for Artemis.

Fashion August 19

The BEST Thing from the NSale - Thicker Longer Lashes!

Eyelash conditioner growth serums that WORK! Getting thicker, longer lashes at home. Talking about the commitment, aftercare, and more!



Making a Difference In Any Way I Can

For the past 10 years, I’ve been a juvenile justice advocate, and within the last 5 years established the Wendy’s Lookbook Foundation providing emergency housing, medical, educational, and financial support to young adults impacted by the juvenile justice system.