Travel Journal :: Airport style & Packing tips

by wendy

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Greetings from Shanghai everyone!

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For our international flight, I wanted to stay comfortable with stretchy knit pants and flats.  To add some color and cheer to the outfit, I wore my glitter peplum top.  No matter what the weather is outside, I tend to get cold on the flight so I always have a jacket (and socks) with me.

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 :: Packing/Travel Tips ::

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It looks like it might rain during our stay, so I packed rain boots and a light trench.  Instead of pairing pants with my rain boots, I wanted to combat the heat and humidity with breathable easy shift dresses.

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Lately, I’ve been really loving rompers.  They’re easy to wear (no bathroom troubles so far =) and pack, and they’re light and comfortable.  Especially with the hot weather in Shanghai, they’re great for daytime wear, and coupled with a blazer or jacket, they’re perfect for dinner dates.

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Mystery Man suggested something that now I can’t pack without… packing cubes!  They function as amazing organizational tools!  I packed all of my tops in the small cube and bottoms in the bigger cube.  They are compact and help store all of my clothes neatly in my luggage.  With the temperature possibility going up to the low 90°F, I packed a lot of breathable fabrics including silk blouses, short sleeve and sleeveless cotton shirts, boyfriend jeans, and comfy shorts.

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A sequin and printed dresses for dinners and dressier occasions.

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Accessories for the trip =)

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From the last packing blog post, a couple of readers suggested that I would pack all of my valuables in my carry-on instead of my luggage.  To be honest with you, I was so new to traveling last year that I didn’t even consider the possibly of having my luggage lost.  With your recommendation (thank you so much!!!), I pack all of my treasured pieces in my carry-on now.  And another great suggestion from a few readers (brilliant suggestion actually!) was to pack a few days worth of undergarments in your carry-on just in case your luggage gets delayed.

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I store all of my shoes in individual dust bags, wrap them neatly, and gently put them in my carry-on (I also put socks between each shoe so that they don’t rub against each other).  My clothing items are rolled or folded, jewelry placed in a secure travel jewelry box, and bags wrapped in dust bags.

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Everything fits in my carry-on, and my wallet, travel documents, make-up pouch, accessories, and laptop fits into my handbag.

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We’re so happy to be in Shanghai and super excited for the Hugo Boss show tomorrow!

Thank you so much for reading!   I hope these travel tips and outfit suggestions are helpful.  Moreover, a huge thanks to those who recommended carry-on travel advice from last year’s blog post.  Because of you, I feel much safer and pack more efficiently when I travel now.  Thank you again and talk to you tomorrow!

:: Airport Outfit ::

Top :: Zara jacket (old) (similar here), Markus Lupfer sweater
Bottom :: SoLow
Bag :: Hugo Boss
Shoes :: Zara (old)
Accessories :: Michael Kors watch, J.Crew bracelet, Jennifer Fisher cuff

:: Photography ::

MM & David Kim