Penguin Lady :: Sequin sweater & Wool coat

by wendy

Penguin Lady-10

Greetings from New York!  And no kidding, it’s cold here!  Three layers on top and basically two layers on bottom, I probably needed a few more layers to fully combat the windchill.  The cold temperature is actually not too painful, but it’s the sharp wind that pierces straight to the bone.  Spoken like a true Californian, I’m reminded of how much I admire East Coasters and people who truly experience winter every time we visit New York.  Luckily for MM and I, most of our day consists of indoor meetings and filming.

Penguin Lady-12

Penguin Lady-11

Penguin Lady-4

I’ve watched March of the Penguins and BBC Nature’s penguins series more than I can count.  Their parental devotion is truly moving, their babies are beyond adorable, and the way they waddle tickles your funny bone.  Ahhh!  Watching them makes me so happy!

Penguin Lady-9

Penguin Lady-13

Thank you so much for reading and have a wonderful weekend!

:: Outfit ::

Top :: Carven coat (also love this design), Markus Lupfer sweater
Bottom :: Old Navy
Bag :: Hermes via LXR & Co.
Shoes :: Alexander Wang
Accessories :: Dannijo necklace, Wendy’s Lookbook X Tacori bracelet