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A Rainy Spring Day :: Suede Jacket & Balenciaga

Fashion March 25

12 years ago

With Wendy

It’s rainy in San Francisco, but not too cold.  I walked out of my apartment with a suede jacket and harem cropped pants, and realized instantly that it was a bad idea.  Suede doesn’t due well in rain =(  But it was too late and I couldn’t return to my apartment to change.

Luckily for me, the rain died down and some sunshine peaked through =)

I bought my Balenciaga bag out today.  She’s been sleeping in her dustbag for a few weeks =P  I love the color of this bag –  a perfect deep purple hue.

I have a confession to make =P  I gave her a haircut when I first got her.  I thought the front tassels were a little too long, so I cut about 2 inches off.  Now I regret it =(  Her hair is too short.  I’ve been trying to call the Balenciaga store to see if I can order new purple tassels for her, but haven’t had the time to follow up.  I need to call again.

Speaking of hair, I braided my hair today.   Trying something new =P

This is one of my favorite Spring jackets.  The suede is incredibly soft and velvety, and the color is mellow and light.

My brother from Los Angeles came up to visit me this weekend.  My brother and I are very close.  When I was taken to foster care, my brother woke up literally the next day without a sister.  He was 9 years old.  Six years later at 15 years old, he searched for me.  We found each other, and to my delight, the little boy who I last saw turned into a young man.  He means the world to me <3

:: Outfit ::

Jacket :: Vince suede jacket
Bottom :: Splendid harem pants
Accessory :: Chan Luu scarf
Bag :: Balenciaga
Shoes :: Christian Louboutin

:: Outfit ::

Jacket :: American Apparel
Bottom :: APC Selvedge raw denim
Accessory :: Urban Outfitters fedora
Shoes :: Adidas Han Solo special addition

:: Photo credits ::

David Kim at

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