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Color Me Spring :: Pink Scarf & Balenciaga

Fashion April 15

13 years ago

With Wendy

I love playing with colors.  It’s so uplifting and rejuvenating!

I really love pairing grays with pinks and purples.  Gray is such a supportive playmate color, letting gem colors shine without reservations.

I’m wearing my trusty comfy flats today – Christian Louboutin graffiti flats.  I’ve worn them so much that I need to get them re-soled soon.   They are so fun!  The graffiti paint design is on the outer side of each flat, thus when walking, they look like two completely different shoe.   Very often, I get stopped by strangers complimenting on the uniqueness and humor of these flats.

I find that pinks and purples compliment each other so well.   My Balenciaga is from the Fall 2009 Raisin color collection.   In the beginning of 2009, I knew I wanted a purple Balanciaga bag.  To be honest with you, I really wanted the 2004 Eggplant color, and searched on Ebay and consignment shops for 8 months.   The 2004 Eggplant color is very unique – a rich royal purple color on a bed of evenly distressed supple leather. Knowing that the Eggplant color was highly sought after, sellers on Ebay would ask for unreasonable prices.  I kept on waiting for a fair price but none showed up.   I saw a Raisin color at Neiman Marcus in September of 2009, but didn’t really care much about it.  The color was too dark compared to the Eggplant color.   Three months later, I was browsing at Barney’s and did a double-take when I saw this bag.  The color saturation was very different from the bag I saw at Neiman Marcus.   I asked Paul, an awesome sale associate at Barney’s, for the color name and it was a Raisin.   Even though Balenciaga color names are the same, each bag has it’s own unique color saturation.  It was extremely close to the Eggplant color that I wanted.  I took her home that day.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures!  Thank you so much David for spending lunch with me!

:: Outfit ::

Jacket :: Vince “Paper Draped” suede jacket
Top :: Splendid silk cotton pocket t-shirt
Bottom :: Paige skinny jeans
Accessories :: Zara scarf and YSL Arty ring
Bag :: Balenciaga Raisin City
Shoes :: Christian Louboutin graffiti flats

:: Photo credit ::

David Kim

Thank you so much for reading!
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