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Frankenstein :: Corset Jacket & Proenza Schouler

Fashion April 6

7 years ago

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Yesterday, Mystery Man and I attended a live broadcast of the play “Frankenstein” by Danny Boyle.  Boyle, after winning the Oscar for Slumdog Millionaire and directing 127 Hours, returned to the stage and directed an adaptation of Shelley’s Frankenstein.  The play did something extremely unique – the main actors who played Victor Frankenstein and the Monster switched roles every other day.  The acting was superb, the set and costume design was magnificent, and the directing was incredible.

In the spirit of Frankenstein, I layered a Diesel corset jacket over a hoodie that I picked up from the thift store a long time ago along with homemade ripped jeans.

I love this jacket!  It’s very slimming and the details are exquisite.  It features a beautiful stitching design in front and a ballooned back panel.

To sprinkle some color on my monochromatic outfit, I added some purple accessories – Christian Louboutin purple suede pumps and a grape color Proenza Schouler clutch.

I loved the play, mainly because I empathized with the Monster.  One aspect that makes this play so special is that Boyle gave the Monster a voice.  The Monster spoke about being forsaken at birth by his Master, and I tend to ask myself the same question – why did the people who gave me life abandon me?  To this day, I still don’t have the answers.  The Monster repeatedly questioned his worth throughout the play.  And I, the same in life.  Was I not worth my parent’s protection and love?  At the end of the play, the Monster said to his Master, “All I wanted was your love.”  I burst into tears.

The play also questioned whether evil and unkindness were results of nature or nurture.  The Monster was not born into this world evil.  He learned to kill, to hate, to take vengeance, and to lie from man.  The Monster reminded me of the youths who are very close to my heart – my students.  I volunteer and teach at the San Francisco Juvenile Detention Center in the maximum security unit.  Most of my students are in detention for robbery, possession of drugs and weapons, and attempted murder.  Were they born to steal, to engage in violence, to kill, or did they learn these destructive behaviors from man?  Working with these youths for the past year and a half, I believe it is the latter.  Like the Monster, they were abandoned and left to fend for themselves at a very young age.  Their violent behaviors are reflections of what they learned as children.

This is a very personal blog entry and I thank you so much for reading.  I greatly appreciate your time =)

:: Outfit ::

Jacket :: Diesel
Top: Gray hoodie from thift store
Bottom : Forever 21 jeans, ripped by hand
Accessory : Proenza Schouler wallet clutch
Shoes : Christian Louboutin

:: Photo Credit ::

David Kim at



Thank you so much for reading!
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