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Dots :: Boyfriend Blazer & Polka-Dot Scarf

Fashion October 19

13 years ago

With Wendy

There’s just something so fun and playful about polka-dots that’s hard to resist!  It brings cheer and joy to any outfit!

Speaking of emotional value that clothes have… I was watching Joanna Coles on Project Runway the other day and she said something very interesting.  She shared that dressing is an emotional experience.  Regardless of price, great-fitting clothes make us feel good.  This happiness radiates throughout our day, effecting others around us.  When we are happy, it shows and it’s contagious.  I think this view is a bit extreme for some people.  For example, a lot of men I know consider clothes as safeguards against public humiliation.  Even though I understand the practical function of clothes, I also agree with Joanna Coles’ perspective.  I do think that dressing is emotional.  When we find something that looks great on us, whether it’s a blazer, dress or shoes (and for men, a suit), a jolt of confidence springboards our day.   Our posture straightens up a little bit, we smile more, and we feel like giving free hugs to strangers (or maybe that’s just me hehehe).  I believe that fashion is a journey to uncovering our personal style, one that makes us feel good inside and look fantastic outside.

Thank you so much for reading!

:: Outfit ::

Top :: Zara blazer, Forever 21 sweater
Bottom :: Citizens of Humanity jeans
Shoes :: Sam Edelman
Bag :: Balenciaga
Accessories :: Marc Jacobs scarf

Thank you so much for reading!
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