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Autumn Plaid :: Cozy sweater & Art

Fashion November 4

12 years ago

With Wendy

Happy Friday everyone!   Thank you so much for your kind words and support on my last post.  The non-profit organization threw a little celebratory party last night and I got to meet my mentee.  She’s incredible and I can’t wait to start this journey with her!  The organization requires a one-year commitment from all of its mentors, but I honestly hope this relationship with my mentee will last a lifetime.

The weather in LA dropped from the low 80s to the high 60s this week, so I pulled out my plaid shirt and transitioned it to Fall by adding a cozy sweater.  The best part about this shirt is the collar design.  It’s unique with a quiet sense of sophistication.

Two weeks ago, I had the absolute pleasure of attending a fundraiser hosted by David Yurman for P.S. Arts.  Before working with incarcerated youths, I was a volunteer art/science teacher at underserved elementary schools in the Bay Area for over 4 years.  The moment I read P.S. Arts’ mission, I knew I had to attend the charity event.  In my personal experience as a teacher, I truly believe that creative expressions and art are invaluable to early development.  Children may have difficulty expressing themselves through words, thus having an outlet such as music, drawing, painting, playwriting, etc, is crucial for their early communication and cognitive development.  A few years ago, I was working with an 8-year-old boy who was identified as having behavior problems.  Instead of paying attention in class, he lived in a fantasy world.  After spending a couple of weeks with him, I noticed his drawings.  He drew superhero comic characters.  One day I asked, “is that you?”  He replied, “Yup!  I’m a superhero.”  Entertaining him, I continued, “who are you saving?”  My student answered, “my mom from the big guys.”  At that moment, I realized that he was communicating his unhealthy home environment via comic drawings.  I immediately spoke to his primary teacher and expressed my concerns of possible abuse that was happening in his home.  Working with underserved communities, I find that children often communicate and reflect through art.  To me, art is more than a creative pastime, it is a vehicle for adults to understand children’s state of mind and emotionality.

It was such an honor to be surrounded by generous and passionate people.  Mr. Yurman was kind, giving, and incredibly thoughtful.  I adore his amazing jewelry designs, but I’m more touched by his love for underserved schools.

Thank you so much for reading!

:: Outfit ::

Top :: Zara sweater, Mike & Chris shirt
Bottom :: Paige
Bag :: Proenza Schouler
Shoes :: Yves Saint Laurent
Accessories :: BCBG ring, wrap bracelet thanks to Chan Luu,
Gorjana bracelets thanks to Jess!

Thank you so much for reading!
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