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Happy Friday :: Prada sweater dress & Homemade clutch

Fashion November 25

13 years ago

With Wendy

I hope you’re enjoy Thanksgiving left-overs as you’re reading this.  Yummy turkey, stuffing and pie =)

I love shopping at consignment stores and I think the secret is really timing.  I’ve been to DecadesTwo a handful of times, but only on two occasions I’ve found true treasures.  The first time was a vintage corset for $85 and the second time was this Prada sweater dress for $125.  The details on this piece is amazing.  The knit patterns are different thorough the body with micro-smocking concentrated on the shoulders, front, and back panels mixed with ribbing on the neckline and high waistline.

I’ve so far made three clutches and this one is the smallest.  I wanted to play with prints and when I saw this faux leather croc-embossed piece at the fabric store, I immediately bought a yard of it.  A week later, I went back to buy more but unfortunately the whole panel was sold out.

 Thank you so much for your kind words and support.  Writing the last blog entry was not easy for me because all of the memories and emotions poured back.  I sat with a roll of toilet paper (no tissue paper in the apartment) next to me and by the time I finished writing it, a pile of toilet paper the size of a small snowman sat beside me.  And when I read your comments, a larger size snowman accompanied me.  I cried and cried.  When I started this blog, I wanted it to be about fashion, but over time, it has evolved into a fashion diary documenting my style journey and life experiences.  Because of the short blog entry format, it’s hard for me to write everything in one blog post.  I hope you will continue on this journey with me.  I would love to share more stories of my group and foster home experience, college life, post-college to professional work as a financial advisor, and the start of my fashion journey.  I can not say this enough, thank you so much for your support and encouragement.

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU ~E~, Abbyfuey, Adrienne, Aida, Alamodewearhouse, Alexandra, Ally, Alterations Needed, amacie, Amanda B, Amanda Dias, Amry, Amy Brown, ana, Andrea, Andrea L., Aney, Angelica, Anita Cho, anjali patra, Ann, Annette, Aseel AlMahfoodh, Ashlyne, Audrey, Audrinajulia, Bea Su, Becky, Belle, beth_crace, bevy, Brandi, Brianne, brittany.darnell, Cacy, Cafe Bellini, Camila C, canvasofculture, Carie, Carletta The Great, Carly A., Carmela Bacani, Carmenarivera, Carolina, caroline gee, Cassie, Cathy_ngo, Cecilia Dornelas, Cecilia Mak, Cecillebacci, Chantelle, chelseaturpin, Cherie, Cheris Courtney, Cherry Lim, Cheryl, chocolatecookiesandcandies, Chrystel Rouveure, Cibelle Paz, Clara, Clarissrey, Claudia, coffee in a cup, Colette Benson-Smith, Coquese Blog, Cristina Dias, Cynthia Sari, D1004ab, Daisy O, daisy351, Danai, delaCruz, Dentball, Devi, diana verdugo, Diane, Diane Terraza, Dianna R-S, dietingfashions, Div, Dominika Wojciechowska, Donna, Dr Laura Ha, DSK Steph, Dung Vu, Elissa, Emily, Emily Luetkemeyer, Emily Muller, Emily Yuen, Emina Lelić, empress_kitani, Erfs, erika ilanan, Estee, Ev, Ex-curly Thoughts, Fabulouslyfrugirl, Fani3_chan, Fashionatalie, FashionistArg, Fashionmix, Faye Yong, Fer, Fina, Frizz, Gabriela, Gema, Giuseppina, gli, Gonya, Guenda, Haute Muslimah, Hgemolas, Honey604, hush, Inedat4, Inga, Jaqueline, Jazmineri, Jen, Jencwang321, Jennie Bui McCoy, Jennifer Louie, Jess, Jessi P, Jessica Lee 422, Jessica Li, Jessy, Jmchau, jo, Joanna, Jonne, jordan tapley, Josephine Roggi, Josie Lee, jovialjacki, JP, JT, Judith, Juli Photo Diary, Julia Nguyen, June, Juniekoay, Karen, Karen Ben Ezra, Karin, Kasia433, katherine, Kathp, Kathy Dugan, KatieFrost, kenda, Kiki Wang, Kiks, Kiomeraine, klepi, Kola, Kristine, Krizia, kviaene, kw, Kwnna92, La Petite Olga, Lari, Laura Frost, lauren, Lekaren92, Lesley Gao, ligo, LilA11, lilmissbored37, Linda, Linda Wu, Lindsay Kudia, Lousi, lovely_life, LpngJas, Luciana Gomide, Luluchinadoll, Lynn, Madeleine, Madelon Chan, maggieleigh, Malentina Chang, mangotatoes, Maria Silvia Favella, Mariettehenschen, Marissa M, Mary, Matina, Mel, Melissa Tung, Michelle, Milly Njenga, Mint Julep, miri, misslilly213, Mix of Styles, mk4507, mKmD, Monica Jamali, Monique, mscrownedroyalty, mslychee, Msreenivas1029, Mstbyoung, Mystery Man, Márcia Marques, Nancie Mwai, Nancy Kim, Nazih Nabeela, neonseattle, Neris, NeuroHormone, New Petite, Ngoc N, Nirmala, Noni, Nurka, Olivia, Pammybam, Paoassad, Patrixiea, pearlspeeptoespretty, PetiteAsianGirl, phuong vu, pimpIT, Pirya, Puccalee432, Quynh, Raspberry Jam, Really Petite, Rebecca Kelsey, RebeccaS, rebeckiii, Rejina St.Cyr, Rentheaven, Roanna, Rose Annette, Roslynd89, Rowena, Sabrina Syed, Sahar, sandra, Sandra, Sanne, Sarah Stright, SaraLovesFashion., sasha, Sassi, SAtigger, ScoopingOprahDotCom, Seeart15, SElisabeth17, Sere, Serena, Seymatr, Sheetal, Shy4amoment, Siena Style, Sigrid, Sora, Stella, steph, Stephanie, Stylesociete, stylish housewife, Sugarhoneybaby, Suzzettesays, sweet_sora, szheng, Tanashati, Tanya, Tarie, Tee, Telly Bird, Tess, Thanks!, The Fancy Teacup, Tia, Tiffany, Tilly, tineey, Tmnnguyen, TOBeautyReviews, Trebleandlace, umamulherbemvestida, Urban Jungle Fashion, Urbanskoolreject, Valeria Aguirre, Valerie, vee theory, Veera, Viviana, Winnie Xiao, Wongsansan, Xerena, xLilx, Yetsomo, Yinto Yin, Yoonsoonoona, yoyomolen, zimt-peppermint

:: Outfit ::

Top :: Prada sweater dress
Accessories :: JCrew belt, McQueen bracelet
Shoes :: Alaia
Bag :: Homemade clutch

Thank you so much for reading!
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