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Spots :: Cheetah coat & Mulberry Lily

Fashion November 7

11 years ago

With Wendy

I hope you had a great weekend!   Mystery Man and I are preparing our trip up to San Francisco this week.  We’re planning to shoot a special Holiday episode with San Francisco as the backdrop.  I spent most of the weekend styling and organizing for this shoot.  I have almost everything.  I’m just missing two pieces, but hopefully everything will work out before we start driving =)

I love animal print and to give it a casual flavor, I like pairing it with distressed jeans and a simple tee.  I created the distressed marks myself by using sand paper and a dull blade.  Easy DIY project!

This is super nerdy, but did you know that curly brackets in emoticon language indicates hugging?  Every time I wear this necklace, I feel like giving more hugs to loved ones and free hugs to strangers =)

Thank you so much for reading!

:: Outfit ::

Top :: Ann Taylor coat, Forvever 21 tee
Bottom :: Forever 21
Shoes :: Yves Saint Laurent ‘Charlotte’
Bag :: Mulberry ‘Lily’
Accessories :: Parenthesis necklace thanks to Albeit!

Thank you so much for reading!
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