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Emerald City :: Pleated dress & Gladiator heels

Fashion July 10

11 years ago

With Wendy

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I wore this dress to a lovely dinner a few days ago, and we’re actually heading to London for a project in two weeks so I can’t wait to pack this piece for more dressy dinner events.

This blog post is dedicated to a very talented person… my tailor.  After searching on Yelp for a tailor who was willing to work with leather last year, I came across Hector.  And over the year that we’ve known each other, Hector became my friend and confidant.  Being petite, I sometimes have trouble finding clothes that fit right.  Because of the alteration costs involved, I’m very picky when it comes to investing in certain pieces in my wardrobe.  And every time I bring an item to Hector, he approaches each piece with laser precision like a surgeon and in-depth creativity like an artist.  In addition to taking apart and recreating pieces to fit my frame, Hector does something magical.  He reignites my confidence.  When I brought this dress to him, it completely overwhelmed me.  Standing in front of the mirror while he was fitting me, I felt my posture hunched over, my shoulders heavy, and feelings of uncertainty.  As he was pinning the excess fabric it felt as though a surgeon corrected my stance and a sculptor reignited my confidence.  As the dress was starting to take form, I kept on saying thank you thank you over again and again.  My deep appreciation is not only for his work, but also for his uplifting influence.  Over the year, Hector talked about how tailoring is now a dying art.  With more opportunities and career paths available, it’s hard to convince someone to pursue the craft of tailoring.  Hopefully with the resurgence of bespoke and tailored shapes, Hector and other skilled tailors can continue to share their talent with the world.

Thank you so much for reading!

:: Outfit ::

Dress :: Daniel Vosovic
Shoes :: Coach
Bag :: DVF
Accessories :: Deborah Lippmann ‘My old flame’,
Boticca bracelet, Jennifer Fisher cuff, Jennie Kwon ring

 :: Photograhpy ::

 David Kim

Thank you so much for reading!
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