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Birthday Colors :: Fuchsia bow jacket & Sapphire flare

Fashion August 29

5 years ago

With Wendy

Once a year, MM and I get to use our veto right.  And interestingly, we’ve used it every time on our birthdays.  A veto is the ability to reject the other person’s wants.  This year, my birthday fell on a blog post day and as I was working on the post, MM vetoed me when the clock hit midnight, ‘You’re not allowed to work today’.  With the digital glossy coming up and film projects pending, I couldn’t bare the thought of not touching my computer.  ‘But what about the blog post?’  He immediately replied, ‘I’ll write it!’  I giggled, ‘What?!’  He didn’t budge.  He tucked me in bed and started typing away.  I woke up the next morning feeling so overwhelmed.  I read MM’s post and all of your kind comments on my phone (laptop-free at the request of MM).  Like all couples, MM and I have our bad days and our good days.  But what’s in common about both is that it’s full of passion.  We fight passionately and we love passionately.  I don’t know if I ever told you, but MM asked me to move in with him on our second date. He said to me… I think we’re soul mates so why don’t we give it a shot. I thought, why not.  Now years later, I’m so happy that he was so brave and believed in us so much to take that risk.  Between him and I, I’m much more of a realist when it comes to love and MM brings out a different side of me.  He’s a hopeless romantic at heart, and seeing him gives me hope that love can be unconditional and can last forever.  I’m so happy to have spent my birthday with my best friend and love.  When he’s less camera shy, I would love to introduce him to you.  He’s quite funny.

This was the blog entry I was working on before he vetoed me =)  Playing with fruit colors.  A smoothie mix of raspberry, blueberry, and citrus.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for the birthday wishes!  Thank you for your kind words and for being on this journey with us.  Chasing unicorns is not the same without you.

 And as always, thank you so much for reading!

:: Outfit ::

Top :: Red Valentino jacket, Marni top (similar here)
Bottom :: ASOS (super old)
Shoes :: Manolo Blahnik (similar here)
Bag :: Gorjana
Accessories :: Meredith Hahn & Gorjana rings, Tacori earrings

Thank you so much for reading!

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