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Sweater Weather :: Croc patterns & Over-the-knee boots

Fashion September 20

5 years ago

With Wendy

Happy Friday everyone!

The weather cooled down significantly and with cold breezes passing by, it feels like the beginning of autumn today.

The last two days have been incredibly thrilling for MM and I.  We were selected to be a part of a AT&T digital short film produced by ISAtv and FreddieW, called Weightless.  It’s an adventurous little love story.  Being on set, it was amazing seeing so many moving parts coming together to create a film.  And what’s truly astonishing is that the whole film was shot on a phone camera!  That really speaks to how advance technology has come.  With an in-depth understanding of lighting and composition, one can create films using hand held phone devices.  One of the things that MM and I talk about frequently is that the barrier to entry is much lower now when it comes to filmmaking.  A decade ago it was unimaginable to make a film without major financing, but now given the nature of new media and available technology, independent filmmakers can tell their stories with a limited budget.

We were on set for 2 days working 14 hours each day.  And to be honest with you, it didn’t feel like work at all.  We enjoyed every minute of it.  My rib rage and thigh areas are a little sore from being harnessed up and floating 20 feet up in the air (fun photos here and here).  I’ve never done wire work before so they had a body double for me, but I was determined to do it myself!  In the middle of laughing hysterically and almost crying from nervousness at initial strap-in, I felt so safe once up in the air.  I love love doing my own stunts =)

Have a wonderful weekend and thank you so much for reading!

:: Outfit ::

Top :: sweater thanks to Robert Rodriguez!
Bottom :: ASOS skirt (old) (similar here)
Bag :: Givenchy (similar here)
Shoes :: Alexander Wang boots (similar here)
Accessories :: Prada sunglasses, Boticca necklace, Michael Kors watch, J.Crew bracelet

Thank you so much for reading!
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