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The FRAME :: A digital glossy

Fashion September 4

7 years ago

With Wendy

Happy Wednesday everyone!

As you’re reading this, MM and I are off to the airport heading for New York.  We spent the last few days burning the midnight oil as we added finishing touches to our digital magazine. It was truly a labor of love.  Our goal for this glossy is to share personal fashion experiences, styling tips, and storytelling elements.  Of the three stories, “The Mission” pushed us out of our comfort zone the most.  Given the nature of permits, it’s very rare that we get to shoot indoors.  Before walking onto set, MM and I scouted The Standard hotel in Downtown L.A.  We took sample shots and took note of the lighting situation (we scouted at night, but the actual shoot was in the morning).  We identified key locations as backdrops to our story.  Since MM and I love film, we wanted to add cinematic styling to the shoot.

We collaborated with THE OUTNET, featuring Herve Leger, for this photo story.  After selecting pieces to style, we scheduled the package to arrive a few days before the shoot.  On the day of arrival, we received a heavy package.  Excitedly, I opened it only to see … paper!  No dresses, just paper.  Panicked, I got in touch with THE OUTNET, sorted the situation out, and submitted a revision to the previous styles for an immediate shipment.  Smooth as silk, all of us worked together and navigated the packages to arrive just in time for the shoot.  I wish I could show you in person what the embellished jacket looked like.  Every detail is purposeful and carefully placed.  It’s quite a magnificent piece!  Also, I’m really thinking about getting the dress that the character in “The Lure” wore!  The cutouts at the neck and back really elevated the dress.  It’s the perfect LBD for date nights and anniversary celebrations.  Ours is next month ;)

We truly hope you enjoyed reading this glossy as much as we enjoyed creating it.  We strive to continuously learn and improve as we produce more editions going forward.  We truly hope that this medium will be a creative place where we can collaborate with readers, other bloggers, forward-thinking brands, talented artists, photographers, and storytellers in the future.  We count our blessings every day that we get to work in this creative field.  On breaks between looking at bank accounts and numbers, I daydreamed about being in a fashionable heist photo story.  I’m still in shock that we shot it.  It’s like a loop that got closed!  Thank you so much for being on this journey with us.  We immensely appreciate your time and support!

Please click on the picture below and we hope you’ll enjoy The Frame!  Thank you so much for reading!

Thank you so much for reading!
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