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Happy Wednesday everyone!

Yesterday was my two-week mark since my PRK procedure and things are slowly getting better.  Typing (and overall computer clarity) has improved greatly.  From your comments and emails, a lot of you are also considering PRK and I’m more than happy to share my experience.  Actually within this community, a good amount of us have had PRK, so please feel free to chime in with your thoughts and personal experiences!

I actually wanted LASIK because of the fast recovery time, but my eye surgeon recommended PRK instead.  I have a thin cornea and severe dry eyes, so PRK was a better choice in the long run.  She saw me three times, measured my eyes each time, put me on wet therapy (applying artificial tears everyday) before the procedure to get the most accurate prescription and warned me that PRK is rather painful and takes a few weeks to heal.  We decided to go ahead with the procedure and below was my journey =)

Day 1 am :: Went in for the PRK procedure at 8 am.  Numbing eye drops were applied.  One eye at a time was propped open with an eye-lash-curler-like contraption.  Cornea was shaved down.  Looked directly at beam of light.  Light fired down.  Interesting burning smell.  Contact bandage on.  No pain.  Next eye.

Day 1 pm :: Numbing medication wore off.  Pain started to seep in.  Apply medicated eye drops as directed.  Kept eyes closed with an eye mask.

Day 2 am :: Very painful.  Two types of sensation – one was as though there was sand underneath my eye lids, and two was a sharp needle stabbing it directly.  Unable to open eyes.  Went to see the surgeon for a follow up and she was pleased with the outcome of the procedure (that was good news! =)

Day 2 pm :: Very very painful.  Unable to open eyes.  Sand and needle sensation were severe.  Applied ice chips (frozen cotton pads) on lids to help with the pain.  It didn’t really help much.

Day 3 :: Pain greatly subsided.  Sand and needle sensation were mild.  Very light sensitive.  Still wore an eye mask.  Listened to audio books and NPR =)

Day 4 :: Pain greatly reduced.  Light sensitive.  Sight very blurry.

Day 5 :: Went to the surgeon for a follow-up and got bandage contacts removed.  Sight very blurry.  Started seeing halo blooms (very pretty indeed!).

Day 6 :: Still saw halo blooms.  Unable to read anything on the computer screen (all of the words just ran together in a blurry line).

Day 7 :: Very interesting eye movements.  After applying artificial tears/eye drops, eyes would sharpen for a few seconds.  Like a camera lens trying to focus – eyes adjusted for sight clarity and then went back to being blurry.

Week 2 :: Sight overall is improving everyday but slowly.  Things are still blurry.  Working on the computer was much better at the end of week 2.

I’m still applying medicated eye drops and artificial tears everyday.  It’s truly amazing to witness the healing process of such an important organ.  It makes me appreciate my eyes and the power of sight so much more.  I didn’t want to take any risks with my vision, so I went to one of the best eye surgeons in California.  She took her time, examined me thoroughly on each visit, and explained things in detail.  Her name is Vicki Lin and she only accepts referrals (her office is in Fountain Valley).  Just in case you’re considering vision corrective surgery, I highly recommend Dr. Lin!

The recovery time for PRK is different for everyone, so please take my experience as just one example.  If you’ve had PRK, when did you feel that you were able to see 20/20? I’m not at the stage yet and would love to hear your recovery journey!  As always, thank you so much for reading and talk to you soon!

:: Outfit ::

Top :: ASOS (old, current season)
Bottom :: Lovers + Friends
Bag :: Valentino
Shoes :: Manolo Blahnik
Accessories :: Karen Walker sunglasses, Cartier watch,
Wendy’s Lookbook X Tacori Promise Bracelet

Thank you so much for reading!
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