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Favorites :: Cropped utility jacket & Little Sammie

Fashion August 27

8 years ago

With Wendy

Greetings from NYC everyone!

Just here for two days for a project, so I wanted to pack light (a carry-on and handbag).  I find that the most resourceful way to keep packing to a minimum is to restyle an item.  I wore this cropped utility jacket on the flight to keep warm and also throughout the trip with different outfits.  I love how the jacket adds an element of casualness to the printed dress making it perfect for daytime wear, and how it creates textures and layers to the second outfit.

And the star of the post… Sammie!  I adopted him from Molly’s Mutts and Meows, a non-profit animal rescue organization that rescues animals from shelters and places them in foster homes for adoption.  Sammie had respiratory issues, so he was isolated and put on meds at the shelter.  Because of this, he went unnoticed and was actually about to be euthanatized.  Thank goodness Molly’s Mutts and Meows rescued him in time!  He’s fully recovered now, but I still listen to his breathing and heartbeat while he sleeps just to make sure he’s ok.  Sammie is unbelievably sweet and loving.

People say that a real connection can be felt when you meet your future four-legged family member for the first time, and I honestly didn’t believe it till it happened to me.  I actually wanted to adopt an adult cat because they tend to have a harder time finding forever homes.  I researched and read all of the profiles on Molly’s Mutts and Meows, and wanted to meet two adult female cats.  When I got to the foster home, I honestly didn’t feel anything.  I kept on thinking… am I doing something wrong? I’m not feeling that connection that everybody is talking about!  So I sat on the floor in the middle of Laurie’s living room and just waited.  Out of nowhere, this little kitten appeared.  He came and greeted me.  He was so mellow and we hung out for about an hour.  He let me pet and cradled him.  We were loss in our own world.  I asked for a home visit and to continue the adoption process that day.  People say cats chose their owners and I believe it now!  In some ways, I feel as though he choose me.

Sammie is very affectionate and smart.  He loves playing fetch and cuddles with me throughout the day.  He does this really cute thing where he puts his face close to mine, looks at me, and then falls asleep.  He’s also very talkative (it’s in his Siamese blood).  He loves to chat.  He likes to tell me about his day, how many paper balls he fetched, how he doesn’t like it when I go to the bathroom and close the door behind me, what food he prefers, and so much more.  He’s a funny kid!

Because of Sammie, I’m actually obsessed with reading adoption and first encounter stories!  Do you have a furry family member?  If so, please share!  Also, I’d greatly appreciate any tips or recommendations you can give to a first time cat parent!

As always, thank you so much for reading!

:: Outfit 1 ::

Jacket :: Zara (similar here & here)
Dress :: Zara (old, similar here)
Shoes :: Christian Louboutin (old)
Bag :: Fendi (also adore this design)
Accessories :: Tibi belt, Karen Walker sunglasses

:: Outfit 2 ::

Top :: Zara jacket (similar here & here), Mason by Michelle Mason top
Bottom :: Line & Dot
Shoes :: thanks to Banana Republic!
Bag :: Tod’s
Accessories :: Chanel pin, Jennifer Zeuner necklace

Thank you so much for reading!
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