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Summer Dance :: Coral trapeze dress & Little pearls

Fashion August 11

10 years ago

With Wendy

Happy Monday everyone!

To me, this dress captures the essence of summer.  A cheerful vibrant coral color paired with the free spirit of a trapeze silhouette.  It dances with each step, and because it’s almost floor length, it has a regal feel.  It also has the magical properties of teleportation.  Add tall gladiator sandals and we’re in Santorini, add a cropped leather jacket and we’re in San Francisco!

Lately, I’ve been quite obsessed with creating mini floral arrangements (a picture of it here).  I dropped by the LA Flower Market for the first time this past weekend and was a tad bit overwhelmed.  There were a lot of vendors there and I looked like a kid lost in an amusement park.  Eyes wide open with wonder, I visited a few vendors and picked out a handful of different flower bundles.  Went home, took out my empty coconut water glass jars, and started trimming the flowers.  I realized that I enjoyed, that’s actually not a strong enough word… loved doing it!  It was incredibly therapeutic.  I think the coconut glass jars that I have are too narrow at the opening, so I’m going to try mason or canning jars next time.  My brother challenged me to have a theme next time.  Challenge accepted.  With Fashion Week coming up, I’m thinking about doing runway shows themed mini bouquets!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend and thank you so much for reading!

:: Outfit ::

Dress :: Saloni
Shoes :: Halston Heritage (similar here)
Bag :: Chanel (also adore this shape)
Accessories :: Karen Walker sunglasses, Jennifer Fisher choker,
Rue Gembon earrings, Marie Todd cuff, Wendy’s Lookbook X Tacori Promise Bracelet

Thank you so much for reading!
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