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Heights :: Flare jeans & Fendi Peekaboo

Fashion January 23

8 years ago

With Wendy

Happy Friday everyone!

Playing with a different denim cut today =)  These jeans make me feel like I’m 6 feet tall!  I’ve been wearing them casually with stripes, and for a more polished look, I’ve been pairing them with crisp button-ups.

Last night, my friend and I were having silly conversations about four-legged family members.  And this was when I realized I’m a hair away from becoming a crazy cat woman.  I shared with her that it’s rare when I lose my temper with Sammie.  He’s generally a very well behaved cat, but once in a blue moon he does something bad.  What do you do?  I tell him with a firm ‘No’ and then I explain it.  What?  The ‘what’ my friend asked was accompanied with a raised eyebrow.  That’s when I realized I’m in too deep.  After telling Sammie ‘No’, I always explain to him why.  Sammie was a door dasher (thank goodness he doesn’t do this anymore!) and last time he dashed for the door, I grabbed him and said loudly and firmly ‘No!’.  Then I tell him that our neighbors have dogs and it’s very dangerous for him to be outside.  Not only that, who’s going to give him his favorite salmon?!

 Somehow this conversation evolved into a discussion about cloning.  There was a case where a bull was cloned a few years ago.  My eyebrow raised.  Even though Sammie is not even one year old, I can’t imagine the day when I walk home and he’s not there running to greet me or using the bathroom by myself (cat owners can relate to this one!).  He’s more than a pet… he’s my cuddle buddy, laptop warmer, feet snatcher, and most importantly, my little furry baby.  It’s pretty much established.  I’m half a cat hair away from being a bonafide crazy cat lady.

Thank you so much for reading!

:: Outfit ::

Top :: ASOS
Bottom :: J Brand
Bag :: Fendi
Shoes :: Charlotte Olympia
Accessories :: Nasty Gal faux fur keychain, Janessa Leone hat,
Karen Walker sunglasses, Casio watch, Mirlo cuff

Thank you so much for reading!
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