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New Beginnings :: Stripe mix & Some updates

Fashion February 27

8 years ago

With Wendy

Happy Friday everyone!

A little stripes on stripes action today =)

I’ve been struggling on how to write this blog post.  On one hand, I can write a simple entry.  But on the other hand, I want to be open and honest.  You have been through this blogging journey with me for many years now and I’ve shared many deep and emotional events, so I think it’s only fair to continue this open relationship and share my true feelings and thoughts with you.  Many of you have asked and many have noticed that I haven’t mentioned Mystery Man in a long time.  MM and I broke up early last year.  2014 was a difficult year for both of us.  Being in a relationship and working with your significant other proved to be much more challenging than we both thought.  As time went by, we both realized that being collaborators and career cheerleaders are the best roles for each other.

We moved on to our separate ways and I moved to downtown LA summer of last year.  I got office space at the same time and adopted Sammie shortly afterwards.  Adopting Sammie was the best decision I’ve ever made and he is truly a gem from heaven.  As you can see, when he was sick a few weeks ago, my world came tumbling down.  Sammie has been by my side and is a constant source of love and humor.

A few weeks after I moved into my loft, my brother decided to quit his job and to pursue his dreams.  I’m a huge proponent of chasing dreams and wanted to be there for him.  I offered, actually begged, him to move in with me.  I think I needed him more than he needed me.  After he moved in, he expressed interest in photography.  My brother is very creative, and since then, he has been shooting me.  He is still pursuing his dreams as a video game designer, and for now, we’re just having fun and shooting together.

Like with any separation, there are dark days and there are not-so-dark days.  And I’ve learned a few important things along with way: caring for a little four-legged companion gives me so much hope, a great red lipstick can instantly boost my mood, and buying lingerie for myself is a healthy way to reclaim my womanhood.  I’ve learned to push my creativity, to understand that being by myself does not mean that I’m alone, to be a stronger businesswoman, and to appreciate every minute with my brother and friends.  Especially my brother, because we didn’t get to spend time together when we were younger so now we’re making up for time lost.  I also learned that I’m always under construction, there’s always something to improve.

I say this and I mean it every time, thank you for being on this journey with me.  Thank you for your love and support.  Even though James and I are no longer together, we continue to work together on projects.  We have so much respect for each other’s work that it’s very seamless and meaningful once we’re on a project together.  James is one of the most talented people I know and it’s truly a privilege to get to work with him.

Thank you thank you so much for reading!  Words can not express how grateful I am of your support and encouragement throughout the years.  Thank you.

:: Outfit ::

Jacket :: Tulle
Dress :: Cameo
Shoe :: Christian Louboutin (similar here)
Bag :: Celine
Accessories :: Stila ‘Fiery’ lipcolor, Euna Joyce rings

Thank you so much for reading!
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