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Red Red :: Lunar New Year & Garnet love

Fashion January 18

3 years ago

With Wendy

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Lunar New Year is next week on January 28th and I’m very much looking forward to it!  It’s a day that celebrates life and gives hope to the new year.  I was told when I was a little girl that whatever you do on that day dictates the events of that following year and to always wear red.  I couldn’t imagine a better way to start than to reflect and collect.  The view from the top of the Rockefeller Center overlooking the city reminds me to always stay humble and to always be thankful.  The steps of the New York Public Library encourages me to never stop reaching, to collect knowledge, and to appreciate experiences.  And of course, experiencing these moments in a lot of red!

Garnet delicate bracelet | Classic buckle bracelet | Garnet cable bracelet | Garnet octagon ring

According to legends, there was a beast that awakens every Lunar New Year eve and devours livestock in a near-by village.  The villagers feared the beast and would go into hiding on this night every year.  One year, an old man visited the village and encouraged the villagers not to hide.  But their fears ran deep and the villagers locked themselves up anyway.  That night, the beast did not appear.  The old man scared the beast back to its cave.  He turned out to be a god sent to protect the village.  Before he left, he taught the villagers how to protect themselves… the beast is scared of loud noises and does not like the color red.  Spark fireworks and pound on drums.  Wear red and hang red signs on every door.

And thus, this tradition continues… the streets are alive with the sound of music and drums, and red is an absolute must on Lunar New Year.  Red is believed to ward off bad luck and misfortune, and to welcome good fortune and joy.  With me today is a lot of red!  A military-inspired coat (with a feather pin to soften the look), suede pumps, and beautiful garnet jewelry pieces (love this delicate bracelet & garnet earrings) .

Happy early Lunar New Year everyone!  Wishing you endless love, happiness, and success in the year of the Rooster!  Thank you so much for reading and special thanks to David Yurman for partnering on this post!

:: Outfit ::

Top :: Christopher Kane coat (similar here) | Étoile Isabel Marant top
Bottom :: Citizens of Humanity
Shoes :: Charlotte Olympia
Bag :: Chloe
Accessories :: David Yurman Guilin Octagon Ring with garnet | David Yurman Classic Cable buckle bracelet | David Yurman Chatelaine Earrings with garnet | David Yurman Renaissance Bracelet with garnet | David Yurman Chatelaine Bracelet with garnet

Thank you so much for reading!
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