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Fashion December 27

1 year ago New York

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Happy Wednesday everyone!  We’re home for the holidays, and this year, we welcomed two more kitties!

Our second fur baby, Sherlock (the medium hair orange kitty), has been with us for a few months now and is celebrating his first winter and holiday with us.  Our third kitty, Pip, is no where to be found.  She’s been with us for a few weeks now and is still very shy.  The boys though are very sweet to her and checks up on her often.  I think that’s it for our kitty family.  We might foster in the future, but don’t think we can adopt anymore.  There’s just simply not enough space in the apartment for the humans.

Before this year ended, Colin and I wanted to do something fun together.  Just a way for us to refresh and welcome the new year.  For the longest time, we wanted to decorate our wall.  Nailing down a theme, color story, and texture, we started gathering and building from there.  For the photo wall, we wanted to highlight our favorite quotes, places, memories, and of course, our precious four-legged babies.  And moreover, we wanted one that would cover most of the wall.  Our photo wall ended up over 80 inches across and 90 inches tall!

We ordered all of our prints online from Walmart with a total of six 8 x 10 prints, nine 16 x 20 prints, and six 20 x 30 prints.  It was super convenient and affordable!  We uploaded all of the photos and selected the size, finish, and frame option, and that’s it.  Super easy!

Some of the photos were taken on a digital camera (for example, our Iceland photos) and others from my iPhone (Sammie, Sherlock, and some of the NYC pictures), and all of them turned out incredible!  Beautiful and high quality.  I was afraid that the iPhone photos when blown up to 16 x 20 and 20 x 30 would end up badly degraded, but they turned out amazing.  The images were delivered a few days later (securely packaged and wrinkle-free!) and seeing the images in its full size was extremely helpful in determining where it belonged on the photo wall itself.  Before we just had a rough layout of what the photo wall would look like, now with the actual images in front of us, we were able to create a better color story and mood.

As for the texture of the photo wall, we really wanted a natural organic feel, so we went with a matte photo finish.  And instead of traditional frames to create polished edges, we used black photo mats to create negative space and borders around the pictures for a raw collage feel.

P H O T O  W A L L  details  ::  8 x 10 prints | 16 x 20 poster prints | 20 x 30 poster prints | matte finish | photo mats

Reaction to Colin’s strumming skills… Sammie is either singing along or yawning.  We will never know.

For our next project, we’re thinking about creating a photo book (love this classic black and black and gray layout!).  I’m more excited that there is a leather cover option!  And you guessed it… the book will be a chronicle of Sam and Sherlock’s adventures.

Hope you had a wonderful holiday filled with laughter, warmth, and joy!  Thank you so much for reading and special thanks to Walmart for partnering on this post!

Thank you so much for reading!
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