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Crazy Town :: Tulle skirt & Military boots

Fashion March 9

6 years ago

With Wendy

Happy Friday everyone!  Lately, I just feel like I’m running in place.  For some reason the wheel is turning fast, but I’m not going forward.  Colin and I joke, every morning we tell ourselves… we’re not taking an L today.  L for loss.

Small L’s for the day includes… in the middle of doing my makeup I realize I ran out of q-tips, new boots on trying to leap over an ice patch and gracefully kissed the ground, hailing a cab and it picks up the person in front.  Just not my day.  Or days.

Bigger L’s includes… facing new challenges with my documentary on human sex trafficking, hitting major roadblocks with a new project that’s very dear to my heart, feeling unworthy, and feeling hopeless.  I’m working on the bigger L’s.  The puzzle pieces are not fitting as I’ve hoped, but I’m working on them day and night.  As for feeling unworthy and hopeless… I just have to turn the No’s into Not Now’s.

On the days when I’m taking too many L’s, I go to my default happy place.  Fashion.  Crazy town fashion as Colin calls it.  It’s a day where I let myself go free.  To give myself permission to be carefree, to play, and to go crazy.  To imagine whatever and to wear whatever that inspires the inner child in me.  And today that child is stuck somewhere between Atomic Blonde (the movie) and Cinderella.  A tough yet feminine pairing – a mix of combat military boots with a tulle skirt.  And yes, I walked out of the apartment like this.  Walked to lunch, to grab coffee, and to the flower market.  I’m not taking another L today.

Thank you so much for reading and have a great weekend!  I hope your week was full of W‘s.  For winning.  Again, thank you so much for reading and talk soon!

:: Outfit ::

T O P :: Chloe (old)
B O T T O M :: tulle skirt options under $50 – Shoptiques Express | ASOS
B A G :: vintage Hermes
B O O T S :: Chloe
A C C E S S O R I E S :: Dior sunglasses

Thank you so much for reading!
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