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Friday in Florals

Fashion August 17

6 years ago New York

With Wendy


Floral dresses are such happy little things!  Like a traveling exhibit, florals come back every spring and summer season.

A tweak in silhouette here, a change in print there, this theme gets revisited over and over again.  And I’m not complaining!  It’s a darling piece for summer nights, dinner dates, weekend trips, and so much more!

Mood enhancers and dance enablers, two of the many things I love about floral pieces.  Colin and I were on our way to dinner when we passed by this charming little street.  Walking through it, I felt like this dress blended in so well with the area!  The mini floral print and yellow-green color story matched perfectly with the greenery, colored walls, and cobblestone path!

Just in case you’re in the mood for florals, below are a few of my favorites.  We have a handful that are under $150 and some under $350.  Beautiful prints, lots of texture, and perfect for summer and fall!

I hope you enjoy this post and the shopping edit!  Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

Thank you so much for reading!
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