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Ruffles for the Weekend

Fashion August 3

7 months ago New York

With Wendy


The bigger, the better.  *That’s what she said*  Ruffles, that is.  The more oversized, the better!

Ruffles in the morning, ruffles on date night, ruffles for the weekend.  Basically, ruffles all the time.  And I love voluminous, architectural ruffles.  They pair so well with casual items like distressed shorts or boyfriends jeans, and so chic with a canvas miniskirt or sequin midi length.

An all blue look today with timeless classics and summer essentials pieces.  My favorite oversized ruffle top with distressed shorts and sapphire accessories.  I love creating looks in the same color family (see related post in another all blue outfit).  It’s such a fun and easy way to look sharp and chic!

Before we go, can I ask you for a huge favor?  The new site has been up for about 5 days now and I’m constantly looking out for bugs and overall issues.  Some of you have already emailed me with navigation issues, and please believe me when I say that I’m extremely grateful for your thoughts.  Building a website is like building a house (at least it is for me).  Every tab is like every switch and I’m constantly checking to see if the lights and pages are working correctly.

If you don’t mind, can you email me at if you experience any problems with the site?  Anything from the comment section to the buttons not working to page loading issues to difficulty navigating the posts, please let me know!  I already have a list of things that needs to be fixed, so I’ll add to this list and will get it resolved as soon as possible.  This site is truly like my home and you’re my guest.  And as my guest, I’m so sorry that the lights are not working properly.  I’ll get them fixed asap!

As always, thank you so much for reading!
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