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Pattern Mix with Plaid, Bows, and Ruffles

Fashion September 26

5 years ago New York

With Wendy


Can you see me?!  It’s one of my hidden talents.  Blending into the background perfectly!

Colin and I were on our way home from a production meeting, and instead of taking our usual route, we decided to cut through Oculus.  We’re so happy we did!  We had so much fun wondering around the area and exploring all of the different art pieces.  And for meetings, I always like to put on a blazer.  This plaid blazer matched this particular art piece perfectly!  Not only that, the bow mules did too!

A blend of plaid, stripes, and ruffles today!  I wanted to add a feminine flare to the menswear-inspired plaid blazer.  Pairing it with ruffle stripes and check bows made the blazer feel more sweet and fun.  As you know, I love that boy-meets-girl look!

We just finished a video and I can’t wait to share it with you!  The truth is… we film a lot, but in the editing room, some of the videos just don’t make it.  I always want to add something special to every video.  And to be honest, I have a hard time striking the balance between something that’s cinematic yet casual.  I think, and truly hope, that we accomplished this balance this time around!  From pre-production to post-production to the finished piece, the whole journey was so much fun.  It’s scheduled to go up soon.  *crossing fingers*  Hope you’ll like it!

Thank you so much for reading!
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