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A Very Special Holiday

Beauty November 19

4 years ago New York

With Wendy


This holiday is a special one and I’m so happy to be partnering with L’Occitane again.

This is my second holiday with L’Occitane.  Similar to last year they are working with UNICEF to help thousands of children around the world to help UNICEF fight against preventable childhood blindness.  And I’m so grateful to be part of this incredible initiative.

One of the magical things about NYC is the spectacular fall foliage in Central Park.  We look forward to it every year and get so excited to see the symphony of yellow, red, and orange dancing among skyscrapers and towering structures.  It’s hard for me to imagine that this simple joy can not be shared with some.  And the most heartbreaking part of all, that these beautiful colors can not be shared with children.

If I can capture the colors of Central Park and the spirit of the holidays in one package, it’d be this charming calendar!  It’s so pretty that it brings out the little girl in you.  Seeing and opening this advent calendar comes with a healthy dose of giddiness and automatic oohs and ahhs.  I don’t know about you, but I’m a huge fan of miniature beauty items (the adult term is travel size =).  I’ve always loved miniature things.  When I was a kid, I collected miniature flocked teddy bears.  They were about $0.25 each at the flea market and I’d save up to get four.  So seeing these travel size products all together in this colorful L’Occitane Signature Advent Calendar brought back fun childhood memories.

Opening the little ‘doors’ and seeing the surprise inside is so much fun!  Classic L’Occitane products in travel deluxe sizes, I love the shea butter hand cream, cherry blossom hand cream, verbena cooling hand cream (I immediately put them in my bag after opening the advent calendar!), and so many more.  This is such a fun and meaningful holiday gift for yourself, loved ones, and friends.

Wishing you a great November and a wonderful holiday ahead!  Thank you so much L’Occitane for partnering on this post and for letting me be a part of this UNICEF Advent Calendar initiative.


Beauty | L’Occitane Signature Advent Calendar for UNICEF
Sweater | Zara
Bottom | About Us flare shorts
Bag | Fendi Defender
Boots | Stuart Weitzman over-the-knee boots
Accessories | Ray-Ban glasses & Bachca Paris gold bobby pins



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