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Fashion March 8

5 years ago New York

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From interesting to ultra luxe, I’ve learned that simple changes to the right areas can completely transform an outfit.

I love design and fashion, but what I think I love more is seeing, touching, and appreciating small details.  One detail that I truly think makes a great impact is the humble button.  A button that has a good weight to it and has intricate details can completely elevate a jacket or coat.

When I bought this cape, I knew I wanted to give it a button facelift.  The original buttons were plain shiny gold and I wanted a more military feel to the cape.  There’s a great button store in NYC call Lou Lou on W. 38th Street.  From floor to ceiling covered in buttons, I fell in love with this one at first sight.  Roz, the store owner, actually makes custom button designs and this one happened to be for the New York City Opera.  I bought 10 total to replace 8 side buttons and 2 shoulder lapel buttons.  They’re deeper and not as shiny as the original (which I like more) and the details are incredible.  So beautiful and intricate!


Just in case you’re looking to spruce up your jackets or coats, consider the small but mighty button!  Hope you had a great week and wishing you a great weekend ahead!


Coat | Sacai Luck cape & ASOS faux fur vest
Sweater | Equipment sweater
Shorts | About Us flare shorts
Bag | Hermes Kelly 32
Shoes & Accessories | Stuart Weitzman boots, DKNY tights, Gentle Monster sunglasses

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