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Sending Medical Supplies To Frontline Health Care Workers Fighting COVID-19

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3 years ago New York

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An absolute honor to fight along side Dr. Junella Chin. Together, we’ve donated over $1 million in medical suppliesto New York State.

Dr. June and I have been working tirelessly on this medical relief effort.  Speaking with doctors and nurses, who are too afraid to publicly express that their hospitals desperately need more medial supplies and PPE, we can not emphasize this enough – the need is real.  We are walking an unethical and dangerous line by NOT equipping our healthcare workers and medical teams with proper equipment.

Together we’ve donated over $1 million worth of medical supplies to New York State.  And the unfortunate truth is that this amount will only last for a short period of time.  To continue the efforts in supporting our health care workers fighting COVID-19, we started a GoFundMe campaign.  Dr. June and I love New York, and we’re heartbroken to see the numbers rising.  NYS is the epicenter of this pandemic, but we’re afraid that other states will follow.  The fight doesn’t end in NY.  Please join us on this fight and to protect the medical teams on the frontlines.

– Medical Relief Effort –

Our Commitment

100% of donations will go directly into the acquisition and delivery of more medical masks, N95 masks, isolation gowns, protective coverall suits, and Personal Protective Equipment for frontline healthcare workers in NYC hospitals and medical clinics.  We have relationships with hospitals, medical clinics, and New York State, and will send the medical supplies directly to where the need is requested.  Dr. June works personally with the hospitals and directly with front line health care workers to ensure that their medical supply needs are met swiftly.  We are currently focusing on New York State due to the overwhelming numbers of COVID-19 cases.  We will mobilize and shift our attention to other states when the need is there.  Please join us –

What We Are Doing

It’s important to us to look at the complete picture of need.  Some medical units and frontline health care workers will need surgical face masks this week, but they also need isolation gowns, face shields, and protective coverall suits.  Their need for gowns might shift next week and they’re looking for more N95 respirator masks.  What we’re doing is actively responding to their needs, looking at the complete picture, and sending medical supplies and PPE to address the shortage that they’re facing.  Please join us –

Our Gratitude

As a community, we can not stand by as doctors, nurses, and medical teams risk their lives.  Shortage of personal protective equipment are endangering health workers worldwide.  Every dollar is meaningful and every donation is significant.  Thank you for being part of this medical relief effort.  Please join us –

To all health care workers and medical teams, THANK YOU for all that you do, for being so selfless, and for being our heroes.

As always – thank you so much for reading, thank you for joining this medical relief effort, and thank you so much for being here.  Please be safe and please take care.


Thank you so much for reading!
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