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Plants Home Tour - Designing Your Space with Plants

Fashion November 23

2 years ago New York

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Are they real?!

I posted this fiddle leaf fig tree on my IG Stories and got a lot of DMs from people asking if it’s real.  Actually, one of my close friends texted me and asked the same thing.  They are reaaallll!  As you can see, since the pandemic I find joy and self-worth by keeping plants and cats alive.  This new hobby became a real obsession.  I’d bounce back and forth between working on Artemis and reading about plants.  A lot of reading.  Forums, garden clubs, books, YouTube videos, blogs… you name it, I was knee deep in it.

I’m a plant enthusiast, and by no means an expect.  But if you’re interested, I can create a plant care post specifically about the Fiddle Leaf Fig tree.  From my personal experience and what I’ve read online and in books, there are many schools of thought in regards to care for this particular tree.

I know it’s a little strange to talk about plants and not touch on plant care.  But in this post, I just want to introduce you to my new green space.  It’s actually my therapy space.  I sit in that chair everyday with my kittie Sam, and it’s incredibly calming.

I learned a lot in the pass few months about designing with plants, and would love to share some of my thoughts with you.

Designing a Modern Green Space

1. When creating a green space, the more plants the better.  When you look at that IG pic and go… whoa, that looks amazing.  Usually more often, that image transports you to another place.  To create that feeling, you have to see and be surrounded by greenery.  Grouping plants together (which can also help increase the humidity which is beneficial for your plants) can create that transformative experience.  When my fiddle leaf fig tree was there by itself, it was ok.  But the space felt decorative.  When I added more plants around it, the space came to life.

2. Consider vertical space.  Plants that come down from above, like my philodendrons on the shelf, can help create that majestic and immersive feeling.  Whenever you see a waterfall, it feels grand.  It feels pulled in and as though you are part of that story.  Also with vertical space, consider plants at different heights to create a canopy look.

3. Design the space around a statement piece.  An accent chair, a dreamy bed, a statement table… whatever works for you.  This not only is functional (a place to relax and sit, a place to find peace and sleep, a place of serenity while working), it also gives you more opportunities to interact with the plants.  Because I sit in this space everyday, I observe and actively monitor my plants.  I can see how wet the soil is, if new spots are developing, any bugs appearing, etc.  The care becomes more interactive and meaningful.

4. Design with personal items.  Instead of a plant stand, consider using a stack of books and/or boxes.  Instead of using a planter, consider using a candle vessel.  With my jewel orchid above, it’s in a 2.5 inch grow pot that fits nicely inside the candle vessel.

5. Don’t be afraid to mix faux with real.  When lighting conditions are not ideal, consider mixing faux with real.  For example in the case of my heart vase, the area is too dark and there’s really no plants that I can put in it.  I still wanted to continue the theme of green in that area, so I added faux ferns.  Consider experimenting and playing around with small accents of faux plants before moving into bigger items.

Please keep in mind that these design tips will be more fruitful if your place has the lighting conditions suitable for the plants you want.  For example, if I move my fiddle leaf fig tree to the other side of the shelf, a few feet away from the window, it will most likely not do as well.

I hope you enjoy this post.  If you have any questions about plant care or design elements, please let me know.  And as always, thank you so much for reading!

Thank you so much for reading!
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