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A Spring Compilation - What to Wear with Purple

Fashion April 4

2 years ago New York

With Wendy


What to wear with purple. Building color stories and creating pairings that highlight the beauty of lavender!

Purple, violet, lavender… in color therapy, these colors have a calming effect.  Embracing the calmness of purple and carrying this over to fashion, pairing purple with certain colors can create a delicate yet impactful outfit.  Today, we’re playing with lavender and sapphire, earth tones, and pastel color combinations.

Lavender with shades of sapphire.  Soft purple with blue is a beautiful color story that blends harmoniously together and creates quite an impact.  With these two colors, I love adding texture like lace and suede to add depth and interest to this delicate color palette.

With an all-purple palette, I love incorporating movement and grounding the outfit with a neutral color such as chestnut.  A fluttery blouse paired with leg-lengthening pleated pants gives this look a relaxed and airy feel.

Another example of purple with chestnut.  Unlike black, brown tones reinforce the delicacy and lightness of purple by creating a soft blend rather than a stark contrast (the way black and purple does).  Chestnut tones add earthiness and ground lavender hues, making the color combination approachable and easy to wear.

Last but not least, a pastel combination of lavender and mint.  I love this color pairing!  It’s fresh, soft and joyful.  Keeping these two colors as the main color story, I look to neutral colors such as beige, nude, or brown to complete the look.  Nude, beige, or tan boots.  And same with a bag.  Accessories that would not take away from the principle color palette.

As always, thank you so much for reading!
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