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Winter Rituals :: Menswear Layering & Beauty Routine

Beauty December 7

6 years ago

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Wednesday is here!  So… it’s not even winter yet in NYC and I’m barely hanging on!  I remember the first week I moved here back in August.  It was hot and extremely humid.  Drenched in nature’s glow (i.e. sweat) while walking around the city, I had a huge smile on my face for one simple reason… New York.  I’ve dreamt of living here all my life, and even though, the air gave me wet kisses, I loved every minute of it.  Now it’s December and I’m smiling in the inside, because I can barely feel my face.  I still love every minute of it though, and along the way, I’ve learned a few valuable lessons in fashion, in beauty, and in life.

In fashion: layering and more layering!  I have three layers on, and if it hasn’t for the wind, I’m actually very comfortable.  And I’ve learned to be creative on mornings that I don’t have much time.  This striped button-up is part of my pajama set!  I re-styled it into a day outfit by layering a blazer over it and complementing the stripes with a pinstripe coat.

In beauty: few but more of it.  Now living in NY, my beauty routine changed quite a bit.  Combating dryness is a real issue (I didn’t really have to deal with that in LA).  I’ve edited my beauty routine down to just a few core steps but using twice the amount, and it’s been working very well for me:

  1. Wash my face with a gentle cleanser and a muslin cloth (the muslin cloth helps exfoliate to provide a smooth canvas for serums and creams)
  2. Apply 3 – 4 drops of The Nourisher rose face oil (in LA it was only 1 – 2 drops).  This is one of my favorite beauty products and I share it with everyone!  And I mean, everyone.  I have travel size bottles (also great as stocking stuffers!) at home and give them out like candy on Halloween to every person who comes to visit.  I’ve been using it for over 9 months and saw significant improvements overall: improves suppleness and firmness, helps even out skin tone and texture, and combats moisture loss.
  3. Then apply day cream in the morning and night cream at night.
  4. Once a week or once every two weeks, apply a face mask.  I’m a huge fan of this Detoxifier modeling mask!  And to be completely honest, it’s very interesting.  It has a rubber-like texture when it dries, which was something I’ve never experienced before.  After mixing the active ingredients together (the mask comes with a brush) and applying it on my face, I instantly felt a slight tingling sensation.  It did not break me out or give me a rash afterwards (that’s happened to me before with other face masks!), but instead, after peeling off the Detoxifier, I felt… I think the best word to describe it was… done.  My skin felt soft, hydrated, and clean.

At home with my favorites =)

This Detoxifier modeling mask solidifies into a rubber-like form.  It peeled off smoothly leaving my skin hydrated, silky, and clean!

And finally, lessons in life: cats snuggle more when it’s cold.  I win!!!  Hahaha.  Sammie is doing very well adjusting to NYC.  I’ve catified my place with very stylish scratching posts, cat trees, and cat chairs, and he loves it!  He’s actually sleeping right next to me as I’m writing this =)

As always, thank you so much for reading!  I truly hope you enjoyed this post.  Happy holidays and keep warm!  And a very special thank you to Biossance (20% off with code ‘LOVEBIOSSANCE’!) for partnering on this post!

Thank you so much for reading!
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