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Where to Stay, Morocco Travel Guide

Travel December 7

5 years ago Morocco

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One of our bucket list travel destinations, Morocco is everything you imagined and more!

Greetings from Morocco!  Full of wonder and magic, Marrakech and Oualidia are places straight out of a movie!  The colors of Marrakech is a feast for the eyes and the calmness of Oualidia is a joy for the soul.

From travel channels to Instagram, I’ve seen and fallen in love over and over again with Marrakech.  We’re so grateful to be part of this #ltkgetaway trip!  When we got there, our appreciation for Marrakech grew deeper.  The magic of this city is in the details.  Every corner is thoughtfully designed, every floor and wall tile is perfectly placed, and every place has a story.  The level of detail is mind blowing.  For example, when we got to the hotel room, I immediately noticed a beautiful cylinder center piece.  Guess what it was?  A metal water bottle holder!  The metal had an intricate leaf-like design throughout.  I’ve never seen anything like it!  I liked it so much, I bought two at the souks.

– Outfit Details –

Outfit Left  –  Maria Lucia Hohan top (on sale), Ancient Greek Sandals shoes, Namjosh headband, and Brahmin bag

Outfit Right  –  Rhode Resort dress (on sale), vintage YSL belt, and vintage Chanel earrings

And this level of detail was definitely noticed and appreciated at the hotels we stayed at.  In Marrakech, we stayed at the La Sultana Marrakech.  This hotel is truly picture perfect!  With 28 guestrooms total, each room is designed after a theme so that not one room looks the same.  We stayed in the Puma room and saw nods to feline characteristics everywhere.  Being away from our kitties, this was much appreciated and needed.  We also saw glimpses of the giraffe and zebra room and they were breathtaking!

– Outfit Details –

Outfit Left  –  Rhode Resort dress (on sale), vintage YSL belt, vintage Chanel earrings, Namjosh headband

Outfit Right  –  On Him: Express velvet blazer (on sale), Express button-up shirt (on sale), John Varvatos boots | On Her: Express velvet jumpsuit (on sale), Vivian Chan sheer top, Alaia sandals

Video Left*  –  La Sultana Marrakech hotel | Centrally located, 10 minutes from the airport and 10 – 20 minutes walk from the markets, museums, and gardens.  We stayed in the Puma room, overlooking the courtyard.

Video Middle*  –  Celebrating Colin’s birthday in Marrakech!

Video Right*  –  La Sultana Oualidia hotel | A beach hotel in Oualidia, Morocco, an area famous for oyster farms and flocks of pink flamingos.

*refresh page to watch the videos again.  I’m in the process of adding a ‘play’ button.  Thank you for your patience! 

Hotel: La Sultana Oualidia | Outfit: Johanna Ortiz swimsuit & Bitsandpiecestogo hat

After spending a few days in Marrakech, we headed to Oualidia, Morocco.  Oualidia is a seaside town best known for its fresh oysters (known as the oyster capital of Morocco) and amazing beaches.  You don’t need to say much… the word oysters will get me anywhere!  The oysters in Oualidia are literally farm to table, and they’re so crisp and fresh.

In Oualidia, we stayed at the La Sultana Oualidia hotel.  With only 12 guestrooms, this hotel is fit for a queen.  The structure of it looks like a castle on the beach!  Every room is spacious and beautiful decorated.  Within steps from the lagoon and minutes from the beach, this hotel is soulful and charming.

A few tips while you’re at La Sultana Oualidia – you can schedule a picture perfect lunch on a secluded beach, try the Bird Watching Safari, and a must – the Moroccan pancakes/crepes for breakfast!

– Outfit Details –

Outfit Left  –  Zimmermann dress (on sale), Ray-Ban sunglasses, Namjosh headband

Outfit Right  –  Johanna Ortiz swimsuit (on sale), Ray-Ban sunglasses, Namjosh headband


Happy Holidays and thank you so much for reading!
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