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Yearly Tradition, Photo Wall

Fashion December 3

6 years ago New York

With Wendy


Ahhh, it’s that time of the year!  The lights go up, and this year, we’re doing another photo wall!

This is our second year doing this.  And this time around, we wanted to do something different from last year.  I consider this the night version of last year’s day version!  We wanted the lights to be the setting of our photo story, and use it to paint a whimsical place and time full of joy and magic.  The photos are a combination of all of the places we’ve been to, all of the memories we’re so grateful for, and of course, all of the love that we have for our paw babies.

This year like last year, we got our photos printed on Walmart.  We printed 60 photos in 5 x 7, and the whole process was super easy.  We uploaded all of our photos into the Prints Builder, and were able to crop and make adjustments to the photos.  The photos were delivered in just a few days (there’s also a 1-Hour and in-store pickup option available), and they came out beautifully!  Amazing quality and a beautiful finish!  We’re so happy with how the whole photo project came out.  It was seamless, fun, and affordable!

If you’re looking to print photos, the pre-shipping cutoff is Dec 14th.  After Dec 14th, and from Dec 14th to Dec 25th, you can still get the prints with the One Hour fulfillment in-store.

The kitties really get into it every time we redecorate!  They supervise, and sometimes, even help out!  Because they can’t travel with us… here I am showing Sam all of the places we’ve been to.  I’m showing him San Francisco in the middle picture.  He doesn’t care for water though.

I’ve listed home decor details below as well just in case you’re interested.  The fairy lights are great for photo walls, holiday decor, indoor/outdoor spaces, and overall just a lot of fun!  Happy holidays and thank you so much for reading!  And special thanks to Walmart for partnering on this post!


Photo Wall | Walmart prints, 60 photos in 5 x 7, 10 photos per light line
Lights| Hde fairy lights (also love these Torchstar curtain lights)
Home Decor | Somerset Home throw & Generic sheepskin rug

Happy Holidays and thank you so much for reading!
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Walmart 5 x 7 Photo Prints
Hde Fairy Lights
Torchstar Curtain Lights
Generic Sheepskin Rug
Somerset Home Faux Fur Throw
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