Cool Vents :: Split-side shirt & Leopard details

Happy Friday everyone!

A great way to beat the heat!  Back vents =)

Thank you so much for reading and have a wonderful weekend!

Sweet Rose :: Textured top & Sheer windowpane patterns

Happy Wednesday everyone!

There’s something irresistible and incredibly charming when rose and black are mixed together.  Maybe it’s the delicate pink hue in direct contrast with the mysterious black.  Or maybe it’s pairing femininity . . .

A Culotte Moment :: Vintage corset & Wide-leg silhouette

Happy Monday everyone!

LA is currently experiencing a heatwave.  It’s so hot that dressing comfortably becomes a challenge.  I made the mistake of wearing faux leather shorts while carrying Sammie to the groomer and felt as though the bottom . . .

Olive Love :: Sharp blazer & Caged booties

Hi everyone!  Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend so far!

Just in case you’re in a shopping mood, the Altuzarra for Target collection launched today!  I ordered a few pieces and am crossing my fingers hoping that they look great in . . .

Dancing in the Rain :: Brush dot print & Lace-up pumps

Happy Friday everyone!

We literally finished shooting seconds before it started raining.  But the rain served as the perfect opportunity to play!  A little dancing, a little jumping, and next thing you know, we’re stuck in the middle . . .