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Iceland Journal Part II Reykjavik :: Blue Lagoon & Travel Tips

Travel February 13

5 years ago Reykjavik, Iceland

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Happy Monday everyone!  Part 2 to Iceland (Part 1 here )

:: Reykjavik ::

Fashion | The four days we were in Reykjavik we caught two warm days and two very cold days.  The warm days were perfect!  I wore this orange coat and it actually got too warm.  The cold days were a little painful mainly because of the strong winds.  Going back to layering, I wore at least 3 layers on top and 2 on the bottom (like this outfit).

Travel Tips | There are so many beautiful gems throughout Reykjavik.  We drove around town, spotted this lighthouse, and ended up spending the afternoon playing on the rocks and running through the fields.  There’s also a large diversity of food here.  From sushi to Thai food to pastas to meat soups, you name it and most likely it’s there.  Food in general however is on the expensive side.  And I almost forgot… you have to try the hot dogs at Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur!  It’s so good!

Blogger Tips | Sunlight is very limited.  When we were there, sunrise was around 10:30 am and sunset was at 4:30 pm.  If you like shooting at golden hour, you can get two shoots in one day =)

ASOS coat | BP. sweater | Current/Elliott coated jeans | Karen Walker sunglasses

:: Geysir ::

Mr & Mrs Italy jacket | Two by Vince Camuto leggings (Wolford tights underneath)

Fashion | Prepare to get wet.  Lots of eruptions and water raining down.  Also, the ground can be very slippery so please be careful!

Travel Tips | We spent one of the days driving around the Golden Circle.  Our first stop was Strokkur Geysir.  Seeing the geyser go was an incredible sight!  It rumbled, churned with aqua-greenish color geothermal water, and then took off!  There was usually a cheer from the crowd after each eruption.

Blogger Tips | Crowd?  In the voice of my cat, Sammie… there were humans everywhere!  And yes, lots and lots of humans.  There are a few restaurants at Geysir and most of them open at 11 am.  We got there at around 10:30 am and the place only had a few people wandering around.  By 11:30 am, it was packed.  If you plan to shoot or film here, I recommend getting there before the restaurants open, give or take 30 mins to an hour before.

:: Gullfoss ::

Rag & Bone cape | Current/Elliott coated jeans | Christian Louboutin boots

Fashion | We got lucky and went on a pretty warm day.  I had on this cape, a turtleneck underneath, and was very comfortable.

Travel Tips | After Strokkur Geysir, we went to Gullfoss.  I have to say, this is my favorite waterfall!  It’s magnificent and unbelievably grand.  You can walk along the side of the waterfall to take in its beauty.

Blogger Tips | Even though Gullfoss is very crowded, you can find pockets of emptiness among the crowd to capture the waterfall.

:: Blue Lagoon ::

Lisa Marie Fernandez swimsuit

Fashion | More beauty than fashion =)  The geothermal water at the Blue Lagoon has silica and minerals, which has many benefits (helps clear up body acne) but also a few things to consider… It’s very drying on the hair.  I highly recommend using a lot of conditioner before and after entering the water.

Travel Tips | Bright aqua blue water nestled between black rocks, the Blue Lagoon is quite spectacular.  A comforting warm hug amidst very cold air, this place is the perfect start or end to an Iceland trip (in our case, we ended our trip with it =).  Entrance is actually in waves to help manage crowd control (and this place gets very crowded!), so I highly recommend purchasing your tickets in advance.  We bought our tickets for the 10:30 am slot and it was perfect.  The sun peaked through right when we got there and it wasn’t too crowded.  Once you’re in though, you can stay for as long as your heart desires.  We ended up staying there till 3:30 pm.

Blogger Tips | Cameras are welcomed inside the Blue Lagoon.  We had a Sony and a Canon 5D with us and it was totally fine.  Lockers are available there (another reason to get there early), so you don’t have to worry about storing your camera or equipment afterwards.  Large film cameras are not permitted though, so if you want to film there, I recommend filming with a DSLR.

I hope this was helpful and thank you so much for reading!  Hope you had a great weekend and talk soon!

Thank you so much for reading!
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